I consider this an extreme honor

I consider this an extreme honor January 23, 2012

A reader writes:

My kids and I have really been enjoying the videos you’ve posted from your sons, so I thought you (and they) might get a kick out of this. My kids have been very inspired by the stop-motions videos, and while they don’t have the equipment (we have a Flip) or the expertise (the ‘director’ is the oldest at 12) to do much, they have been experimenting with ways to do special effects. So here’s a video made by a bunch of little girls on the East Coast with their new “special effects,” inspired by a group of boys they’ve never met from the West Coast. Please tell your boys I say thank you!!! (Also, just to note: no adults were involved at all in the making of this – had we been, the room would have been straightened up before the camera went on!)

Yes. Her kids are definitely the coolest!

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