Infinite Grace writes…

Infinite Grace writes… January 20, 2012

I ask for your prayers as I am going to the March for Life on Monday! It’s a big step for me but I feel that the time is right even if only a few people know the real reason behind my going.

Here’s my latest post. God bless you Mark!

May God bless everybody who goes to demonstrate for the sancity of human life and may the scourge of abortion pass from our land swiftly through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Speaking of which, check out this March for Life website, dedicated to chronicling marches all over the country.

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  • Wow!!! I’m still recovering from yesterday, I’m warm and dry now but my head is still spinning as I’ve yet had time to sit down and process the day’s events. So many feelings, so many thoughts… it was just a wonderful, grace filled day. I was with a group of young people and it’s hard to stay sad or somber with all of the young people, not that I’m old mind you, but I’m not that young. I’ve never seen so many priests in my whole life or sisters! The singing and the music and then walking past all of the Silent No More women – just wow. Lots to process but I can say that I felt a sheer joy yesterday that I haven’t felt in a very long time.