Jerks for Judaism and Their Jewish Opponents

Jerks for Judaism and Their Jewish Opponents January 17, 2012

Years ago, I discovered the (for me) new revelation I dubbed the Nancy Kerrigan Principle. It happened this way. When America’s sweetheart, Nancy Kerrigan, got wailed on by leg-breaking goons sent by her rival, everybody felt sorry for her. She was our number one public victim for a little while. Then the Olympics came and the mikes and cameras caught her making bitchy comments about other competitors. I had an epiphany: Just because you are a victim doesn’t mean you can’t be a jerk too. Thus was born the Nancy Kerrigan Principle.

Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel, who carefully discipline themselves to make sure they spit on any Christian they see, are living embodiments of the Nancy Kerrigan principle. Yes, Jews have suffered in the past. So what? Grow up. (The Ultra-Orthodox are also total jerks to other Jews too. Every religious tradition has its crazy reactionary fringe.) Happily, Abe Foxman at the ADL is willing to take them on. Jimmy Akin has the story.

Update: speaking of jerks, some of the commenters under Jimmy’s article make it clear that when you scratch a Rad Trad, odds are pretty good you will find an anti-semite. The mere mention of Jews Behaving Badly is uncorking some pent up hatred of Jews among some of the Ultra-Orthodox Catholics. Repellent. Jerks for Jesus are peas in a pod with the Jerks for Judaism.

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