Kevin Lowry is such a great guy

Kevin Lowry is such a great guy January 2, 2012

I met him out in Columbus back in October at the Coming Home Network conference. He’s a grateful convert to the Faith who blogs at (surprise!) Grateful Convert. He has also just released a book called Faith at Work, which you should check out. As he says:

The purpose of this book is to help Christians become better workers, and workers become better Christians. Our everyday work is one of the greatest opportunities we have for growing closer to Christ! At the same time, we can be more effective than ever, and find new purpose in our work.

Do you want to recapture your sense of mission in your work? Balance family obligations more effectively? Become a better team player? Find new motivation for treating others with dignity? Make the most of workplace diversity? Thrive even through the most difficult circumstances? Whatever your line of work, this book is for you.

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