Manufacturing Consent: Leftist Edition

Manufacturing Consent: Leftist Edition January 27, 2012

Coordinated Old Media Blackout on the Movement You Are Not Allowed to Know About

We know about it anyway, thanks to New Media.

Those Old Media Guys don’t even pretend not to have an agenda anymore.

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  • Confederate Papist

    California is a microcosm of what the US will be within the next 5~10 years.

    Time to get the Fed out of Dixie.

    Deo Vindice!

  • Faith Roberts

    Don’t these people have any sense of integrity? It’s amazing! Don’t they know they’ll be found out as biased, agenda driven, untrustworthy reporters? So much for the ‘4th’ branch of government.

  • Sharon

    The question mark at the end of the headline would probably get them out of trouble.

  • dpt

    To be expected.
    If six anti-fur protestors show up at Macy’s there would be film at 11.

    Any case. the Walk was amazing. Thousands of tourists and citizens did see the walk and the message.

  • Reality Check

    I’ve come across one of these spectacles before. Thirty to 40% of the crowd is always young children dragged their by their parents–very disturbing that some parents would use children as props at a political protest. Of course they absolutely hate and loathe people like me–those of us who have chosen not to have their lives constrained by unwanted pregnancy.

    As they smugly push their strollers I just want to scream, ok , I GET IT–you paid for your “sins” with “life”. And I’m sure that’s a very healthy way to think of your children and won’t cause resentment at all! Nope.

    • Oregon Catholic

      Children are props, babies are penance for sin, you have no ability to exercise choice when it comes to your sexual behavior. I truly pity you. What a shallow, barren life you must live.

      • Oregon Catholic

        I suspect you have had an abortion and the loathing you project (I noticed you use that word a lot) onto pro-lifers is the loathing you feel for yourself. God loves you and forgives you if you are sorry. It’s harder to forgive yourself but God knows your anger and hatred are a sign of your regret. He will run to you in love and forgiveness if you give Him half a chance.

    • Faith

      Nobody hates you, Reality Check. We don’t hate you at all! if we are so full of loathing, how is it that counter protesters can mingle in crowd while thousands upon thousands who disagree them are right there next to them. I was at the March. Your figure of 30 to 40 percent children is a gross exaggeration. I got caught in the crowd near the speakers in front of the Supreme Court. Right in front of us was a group of women who were counter protesters. I did not see one prolifer do anything hateful. We just looked at each other. All the ladies I was with just found it heart wrenching. No one hates you, sweetie. We just want you to know what true love is. And maybe people get a bit ticked at you for saying things we find hurtful, but all the same, we wish you the best. You are wonderfully and fearfully made just like the rest of us.

    • Mark Shea

      You certainly do project a lot, RC. Understandable since your narcissism and use of other people as human sheilds for your appetites would naturally try to deal with guilt for your selfishness that way. It’s all about you and your crotch. Nothing and nobody takes second place to that.

      • Reality Check

        It’s about treating women as fully human and not forcing them, at great risk to their physical and psychological health, to continue unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

        BTW, one could easily say you use fetal shields as an excuse to control women’s sexuality and their bodies.

        • Oregon Catholic

          Control and choice. Responsibly exercising them prior to sex stops women from hurting themselves or their child afterward. You are a rational human who can weigh actions and consequences – exercise your freedom to do so.

        • Faith Roberts

          RC, I am a woman. I have known and worked with prolifers for decades and done some prolife stuff myself. Many, many of us are women. Why? Why do these women want to give up their rights, as you see it? I really think it comes down to what one holds up as the highest good. If the highest good for you is your own personal autonomy than anything that might somehow take away that autonomy is seen as a threat. That’s why when prolifers and pro-choice people talk, they talk past each other. Pro-choice folks concentrate only on the woman’s autonomy. Prolife folks concentrate on both the baby and the woman, (at least the ones I know who counsel women in crisis pregnancy, collect clothes and diapers etc for poor women and even open up their homes to pregnant women who are homeless, or offer to give rides to doctors appts, etc to help them.) For pro-lifers, at least the ones I know, the highest value is love, not autonomy. But the funny thing about love is that it leads to freedom. Not the kind you are thinking of, the right to do what you want. That kind of autonomy necessarily means having to claw your way through life. There are so many threats to that kind of autonomy. It is hard to be close to anyone because they are seen as a drain or potential drain. Others must be dehumanized, seen as blobs of cells, or less than human, so that autonomy can be maintained. The funny thing about maintaining autonomy at all costs is that it paints you into a corner. A very lonely corner. It actually winds up dehumanizing you! Because of the mental gymnastics and the constant defense mechanisms. You become like the Grinch with a heart many times too small. If you can not respect others than your own self-respect plummets. It’s a no win situation. But if love is your highest value, you have no fear! You can be free no matter where you are. In a prison, in a crowd, anywhere! Even when you are in a crisis pregnancy! You don’t feel the need to abort your own child to maintain your freedom. You know that that is a false road. You know that scientifically it only makes sense to admit the facts that yes it is a baby. And yes woman were given wombs and if women have sex they’ll get pregnant. But because love is the most important thing, you already love that baby inside you. Or maybe a woman in a crisis pregnancy might not FEEL love, but she knows she could never take that step and respect herself again.

          You see what makes you free if you have love as your highest value is trying to live out that love. Another word for living out love is virtue. Virtue allows you to live your life free of sin. Or at least try to. And sin is the thing that is the greatest threat to freedom, real freedom. Freedom to love others as yourself.

          So that’s the perspective of a prolife woman. All your jeering and sneering about how we want to oppress women . . . that’s all YOU thinking inside your own box. We don’t think like that! We understand how horrible situations can be and why a woman would be tempted to abort. But to hold that up as a right is like saying a fox has a right to chew its leg off to get out of a trap. We are saying let’s not set anymore traps (live a chaste life), or if someone gets into a trap, let’s get them out without the chewing the leg off part (help those in a crisis pregnancy get through it without resorting to violence)!

          Anyway, I don’t know if this makes sense because I’ve been typing for a while and have gotten interrupted several times.

        • JonathanR.

          Fully human? Are you trying to be ironic?

          I guess those women unlucky enough to get caught by the scalpel because they are still helpless in the womb don’t get the fully human treatment.

  • dan

    “Nobody hates you, Reality Check. ”

    Agreed. The true source of hate and loathing that RC experiences has been exposed this week in the comments. It is easy to label and put others down…to put blame on others for one problems and troubles, though this doesnot raise up the one making the charges.

  • Roberto

    RC’s comment reminds me of today’s Gospel reading. The possessing spirit asks Jesus if he wants to destroy him and he simply replies for him to get out of the man and leave him free. Similarly RC says we hate him, when I am sure that all of us just want him to be free of his stupid ideas. Oh well.
    I also wonder if his choice of moniker is somehow connected to a deep desire to become a REAL RC.

    • Reality Check

      You believe in literal spirits (and “demons” too I guess)? Really?

      They only seem to appear in ancient times, odd huh? I mean when was the last time anyone read about “spirits” or “demons” in the newspaper affecting the political or economic scene?

      • Mark Shea

        Actually, there are documented cases of exorcism right up to the present, which you would know if you bothered to check. And yes, to be a theist is to believe in spiritual things. A sneer does not constitute and argument. Meanwhile, your attempted tu quoque charging those women who keep their children with using them as fetal shields is perhaps the dumbest thing you’ve said to defend your complete selfishness yet. Nonethless, it remains a fact that the only woman you care about is yourself. Hence, you remain here arguing with the phantom of the Catholic who somehow threatens your appetites while remaining stone silent about your confreres who cheer for forced abortion. It’s all about you, Planet RC.

      • Roberto

        Yes, I do.
        Do you trust only what you read in the newspapers? And do you consider as important and convincing only events that affect the political and social scene? Really?
        And you think yourself smart?
        By the way, the word you are looking for is “substantial”, not “literal”, since my convictions are based on seeing their substantive work, not on reading about them in the literature.

  • EBS

    Reality Check, did your mother use you as a fetal sheild when she had you?

    What are you on about?

    I love it when people sneer down at children and parents, thinking they are “above” it all, and so “evolved”, that they not want to have any children thinking they are intellectual and above all others. Who are you benefiting, the human population? You need o have kids o sustain the human population RC. You don’t sound very bright do you…

    You wouldn’t be here exercising “your woman’s rights” if your mother didn’t “choose” to have YOU. What a dead-set hypocrite you are.

    Now that’s a bit of “reality check” for you.

  • Reality Check

    You’re missing my point.

    Mark claims that I use women as “human shields” because, apparently without even knowing me he knows I’m some kind of huge slut that has sex with anything that moves (and apparently I live in the suburbs, too, unbeknownst to my landlord!)

    On the contrary–Mark and other Catholics use fetuses as shields to distract from the real source of their anti-choice position–their hatred of women’s sexuality. They don’t give a rip about human life, otherwise they’d worry that if they made abortion illegal it would mean women dying in back alleys as happens in places like Chile. No, it’s all about controlling women and their sexuality and making them dependent as possible on men. Everything else is a distraction.

    And yes my mother CHOSE to have me. She wasn’t forced. Women should not be forced to give birth, and should have access to safe and legal abortion services (along with contraception, something else the RCC opposes, demanding 10 child families and utter misery instead).

    • Mark Shea

      I have no idea what your sex life is like. What I know is that your priorities are extremely clear: anything that affects your crotch and your appetites is infinitely more important than the fact that millions of Chinese women face forced abortions and millions of girls are the victims of those abortions. You don’t give a shit about anything that doesn’t orbit you and your appetites. How often you indulge those appetites I have no idea (though people who are obsessed with their own pleasures are not typically able to moderate them). But the fact remains that nothing is more important to you than you. Your use of other people as human shields and your disregard for anybody who cannot be so used is the proof of that.

    • EBS

      I’ve done pregnancy counseling for 8 years. There is nothing “safe” and sound about abortion. It damages the woman if not physically, then definitely mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It’s horrendous the women that suppress and push away the pain. Some break down after 15years at the devastation of their “choice”, and how it has ruined their lives. The depression, and hurt is astounding. I could tell you stories, but this post is not long enough…..

      In short, the abortion industry, yes it’s a money making industry, is not about the welfare or concern for women. They are a business intent on profiting. And they treat women as a means to their profiting. A so called “fetus”, is actually nearly fully formed with all it’s opponents by three months. The “fetus” as you call it, fight off the curettes, the suction machines as they are being “removed”. But that’s ok RC, it’s only a parasite, and “thing” in your way, stopping you from your career, from travelling, from meeting wild and fabulous people. Sorry for the intrusion.

      It hasn’t got rights like you, because it doesn’t have a voice or the ability to “voice” it’s rights.

      Your so calked feminism is backward, naive and a big fat lie.

      Sorry to break your little feminist bubble, but get your FACTS correct before you sprout all your cliches of having your “rights” taken away from you. Because they aren’t grounded in what is actually happening. You are just sucked into the b@&? that is being fed to you.

      Here’s a thought, why don’t you start being accountable for your actions- like Mark said, if you want to (sorry but i feel the need to say this) open
      your legs to a man, think that “oh I might fall pregnant”, and if you do fall pregnant, don’t punish the helpless unborn in your womb because it as interrupted your life. In other words, have RESPONSIBILITY. Don’t quick fix with an abortion. If you can’t raise the child give t up fir adoption give it a chance at life. It’s no irony, that one f the greatest innovative if our generation, Steve Jobs, was adopted.

      Wake up honey, and stop backstabbing your own gender.

  • Reality Check

    The bottom line: when lawmakers make abortion illegal, the only result is illegal abortions–and more dead women. The choice is obvious.

    Go with preserving life and liberty–pro-choice.

    Or be anti-choice and campaign for women to die.

    • Roberto

      Brilliant logic! When lawmakers make robberies illegal, the only result is illegal robberies – and more robbed people.
      No wonder some of these people call themselves Brights! What is it that Mark says about worshiping the intellect instead of using it?

    • rakowskidp

      The bottom line: when lawmakers make rape illegal, the only result is illegal rapes–and more imprisoned rapists. When lawmakers make murder illegal, the only result is illegal murders–and more imprisoned murderers.

      What a silly argument… I guess we should erase all laws from the books then?

    • EBS

      Oh goodness, give me the stats on dead women from abortion, and give me the stats on aborted babies.

      It’s no wonder that women who have “illegal” abortions are damaged or killed by them. Even the “legal” ones are damaged. Its a blind procedure. The organs are damaged- bladder perforated (healthy young females becoming incontinent), uterus damaged, cervix damaged. It doubles yor risk of breast cancer. And this is the legal ones RC.

      Where are you getting your information from- Planned Parenthoods monthly newsletter….