Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll January 18, 2012

Think of him as the Protestant Michael Voris. Though to Voris’ credit, he never said, as Driscoll did, that he couldn’t worship a God he could beat up, a sentiment shared by the goons charged with working Jesus over.

Driscoll basically worships at the Church of Mark Driscoll’s Manly Awesomeness and he wants you to join him in adoration or he will tread you underfoot like the weenie you are. Seattle’s most embarrassing religious export.

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  • Sarah

    It is good to be Catholic and realize Mark Driscoll, and even Michael Voris, are no more “in charge” than I am as a woman. Women can’t be priests, but neither can Protestants or married lay men. They are, in my feeble female opinion, playing at being leaders, with all their insecurities and fears shining through. Thanks for the post Mr. Shea.

  • B.E. Ward
  • ds

    The gospel according to Randy “The Macho Man” Savage.


  • Jofre Du Brantona

    I listened to Justin Brierley interviewing Grace & Mark Driscoll on their explosive new book ‘Real Marriage’. I also checked some info on the web sites.
    Mark comes across as strong, confident personality who believes in his anointed ministry and bold approach to mission and the church.
    On reflection he also appears as very bigoted and antagonistic to other Christians who do not agree with his theology or his approach to communication.
    He sometimes speaks before he thinks things through but he is a young man who needs to listen to other mature people and accept humility.

  • brian martin

    One word: Narcissism

  • nate

    Yeah, me thinks that Driscoll needs to simmer down. Seems like your classic case of over correction. I think Joe Carter talked about this guy on a couple of occasions.

    I definitely wouldn’t call him the Protestant Michael Voris, though. But it’s your blog, I guess.
    Not that I want to get into that whole argument again…

  • Ben

    I liked how Driscoll observed that men in London are attending Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches in droves…and chastised British churches (run by “men in dresses” as he calls it) for not changing their ways to accommodate this trend. Guess we should start beating parishioners over the head with a folding chair when they come through the door. Or maybe as they line up for the Eucharist.

  • Collegiumus

    I’ve listened to 20 minutes of the Brierley/Driscolls interview. Driscoll says that where the Bible does not have an answer (in this case regarding sexual practices) Christians have to “go to conscience.” This is consistent with standard protestant teaching. The problem is that the Lord has not left us to our own subjective judgment on important questions of faith and morals that are not specifically addressed in the Bible: He has given us the authoritative teaching of the Church. In this way we can develop a properly formed conscience that takes the subjectivity out of the equation. If we pray that MD comes to understand this it will increase the possibility that he’ll become Catholic. It happened to Scott Hahn, who was similarly opposed to the Church; it could happen to Mark D.

  • Sherry Weddell

    Mark Driscoll was a cradle Catholic who started his church in his apartment when he was 25. He is also one of the most influential pastors in the US – hard to believe but true. He is part of a consortium of Reformed background churches who are planting new churches all over. I think there is something like 8 Mars Hills plants in the Puget Sound area and one in Portland, another in Orange county etc.

    • Oh, gosh. I guess if he reverts we’re stuck with him, then. 🙂 Kidding; at least now I know what to pray for.

      Besides, should he return to the Catholic Church, he’ll find that there’s plenty of room for the manly-men pipe-smoking gun-owning types. It’s just that the Church, in her great wisdom, knows how good it is for these men to have to call a man who might (not always, but might) be a very different personality type, “Father.”

      • Noah D

        Speaking as a pipe-smoking, gun-owning (and -carrying!) manly-man, this is dead on.

  • Al

    …gosh darn it I still like Voris……and Shea

  • Joe

    Mark is about Jesus and nothing else. His church is filling up with 20 and 30 something single males accepting JESUS. It was a beautiful sight to see at his church and see a bible in one hand and their other hand hold their girlfriend’s. It’s all about JESUS.

    • Ollokot

      Yeah, and so much for God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity One in essence and undivided.

      • Primrose

        Mark Driscoll is a Trinitarian Christian….listen to his Doctrine series. I am still out on what I think of him. I am a Catholic covert because of the Real Presence and Mark Driscoll won’t change that for me. I have protestant friends who have broken away from their church to start their own home church using Mark Driscoll as teaching material… concern is authority!!!!

  • Jon Bosma

    I think you are guilty of the same thing that you accuse Mark Driscoll of in your post. Really Seattle’s worst religous export when they have wiccans and all kinds of crazy stuff. Sure Mark has said some controversial things that I am sure he wishes he could take some of them back. I have listened to many sermons from Mark and found them to present the Gospel clearly and powerfully. I think as christians we should be excited to see the Bible preached in the most un-churched city in America. This man has given of himself greatly for the cause of Jesus and should be respected not demonized.

    • No kidding, Jon. Moreover, it seems that Driscoll is being criticized for saying some things that badly need to be said, and I wonder whether some critics are overly defensive. For instance, it is 100% true that no self-respecting young man wants to attend a church with female leadership, and like Driscoll, there’s no way I could view that interviewer the same after he said that his wife was his pastor.