Medjugorje Frauds…

Medjugorje Frauds… January 12, 2012

…attempt smear of first bishop to say, “There’s nothing supernatural happening at Medugorje”. Now the current bishop is defending his predecessor from the frauds and their smears.

Moral: don’t get your private revelation from frauds. I’m talking to you, Spirit Daily.

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  • Sandra Miesel

    This announcement via Spirit Daily speaks reams, doesn’t it?

    • “Medjugorje’s close historical ties to the Franciscans actualize on February 18 when visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti will have her daily apparition in Assisi where the Order was founded. Eight days later, Marija will have another public apparition closer to her north Italian home.”

      Holy crap!! “Dear Blessed Virgin, when can I pencil you in?”

      • Sal

        No, I think that deserves a “Holy crap on a cracker!”
        Funny, if it wasn’t sad…

    • Hey! Not only can you have your apparition now, you can take it with you.

      One question, do you have to pay an extra baggage fee when you fly with your apparition?

      When has there ever been a case of a true apparition following someone’s travel plans?

  • Elizabeth D

    Rejection of the local bishop’s authority is one common sign of the inauthenticity of a private revelation. Bp Zanic’s rejection of the authenticity of the Medjugorje phenomenon is based on undisputed facts, not Commie interference.

    I find Spirit Daily bizarre. Sometimes they have some interesting links but also strange ones and their own news items are sometimes the most bizarre–not only doubtful private revelations, but supposed UFOs, paranormal, weather manipulation by the government, health quackery.

  • ROFL ! So when can we purchase the app app?