Some Useful Tech if the Ads Bug You

Some Useful Tech if the Ads Bug You January 30, 2012

A reader writes:

I’ve noticed in the comments on your blog some complaints from a few readers about the ads that show up on your site. I don’t know how to address that from your end, but you might want to check out and recommend to your readers the plug-in AdBlockPlus, which is free and available for Firefox and Chrome. It blocks all of the farmed-out ads that show up on sites all over the internet, and I’ve found it extremely helpful. It blocks out all ads, including the objectionable and annoying ones, and also seems to speed up my browsing. I’m not sure what sharing it will do to your click-throughs, but I’m not a huge fan of that model of the internet economy to begin with…

Just something you may be interested in.

Now you know!

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