The Minnesota Catholic Conference writes:

The Minnesota Catholic Conference writes: January 23, 2012

We’ve noticed you’ve not only mentioned our executive director, Jason Adkins, but also some others who speak in defense of preserving marriage in Minnesota – thank you. I want to make sure you know, if you don’t already, that MCC launched a blog on marriage late last year:

Being in the spotlight, we figure what better time to help set the record straight on Catholic teaching, spread the Good News and remind people of the importance of a measure like a marriage amendment in the public arena. We wanted to do it by getting “Catholics in the Pew” bloggers who are in communion with the Minnesota bishops to share their thoughts on the topic, including a Catholic blogger who has had same-sex attraction. Here are a couple of posts.

Jason will also be “guest” posting on the blog. I thought you may be interested in the one he posted recently in which he “Fr. Z’d” a HuffPo Post piece.

We also have banners/badges available for any bloggers/sites that may be willing helps us generate some traffic and strengthen our SEO heading into the 2012 vote: . We appreciate the support and prayers.

Check thou it out.

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