Yay! January 31, 2012

Hospital reverses decision after firestorm of protest. Amelia goes on the list for a kidney transplant.

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  • Faith Roberts

    That is wonderful! Hurrah! And Praise God!

  • Joseph

    Wow. You simply must witness the inhumane hate in the combox for that article. It made me queasy to think that, God forbid, one of my children has something happen to them that causes them to have a mental handicap (or is worthless according to those commenting Philadelphians), there are people who would deny them medical care because they deem them unworthy of it because of their condition.

    There is something really wrong with this country when normal Americans start speaking exactly like Nazis.

  • Peggy R

    Praise God. I don’t know if you noticed, but reports of the Santorum’s daughter indicated that this same hospital is where they take Bella. I wonder whether the Santorums helped the cause….Either way, this is good news.

  • Richard Johnson

    This is indeed great news. However, as we give thanks for this change of heart, let us also remember that another family may have been told to wait for their loved one’s needs to be met because the hospital messed this up so badly. Let us lift them up in prayer that any delay that this may have caused will not harm their loved one.

  • Babs

    I believe the mother’s blog revealed that she would NOT be on the transplant list, but awaiting a private donor. The hospital initially refused to perform any transplant regardless of donor. No one would be losing a kidney from this step.