Boehner Pledges Legislation to Overturn Obama’s Act of Tyranny

Boehner Pledges Legislation to Overturn Obama’s Act of Tyranny February 9, 2012

Hurray for Boehner! Every ally in this struggle is welcome. The sad thing, of course, is that the piece of legislation called the First Amendment is no longer sufficient to oppose this draconian tyranny from our Masters and Civilizers.

Meanwhile, Obama is digging in and trying to get Dems in Congress to join him in the bunker. My hope is that vulnerable Dems will chicken out at the thought of gratuitously kicking their Catholic constituents in the face for the sake of Obama’s vindictive kulturkampf against the Church.

Mean-meanwhile, there’s entirely too much second-guessing among some opponents of Obama that’s starting to remind me of this:

Massive amounts of speculation about how Obama is carefully calculating to do all this in order to make progressive Catholics look good by capitulating at just the right time in order to make the defeat look like a victory and so secure the nomination therefore it’s pointless to try to fight the mandate because either way Obama wins and he is all-powerful and nothing can defeat him sogiveuprightnowetcblahblahblah.

Look. Let’s take it for granted that Obama regards the Church with contempt. That won’t change. And that is a reason not to oppose this draconian rule why? The first order of business is to defeat this mandate. Period. After the mandate is defeated, we can go on to the next order of business. But giving up the fight against the mandate because Obama will (as pols do) try to portray the defeat as a victory is silly. Giving up the fight to defeat the mandate because some people will vote for Obama no matter what is silly. Giving up the fight to defeat the mandate because some people might use Obama’s capitulation as an excuse to vote for him is silly. Obviously the thing to do, after defeating the mandate, is to persuade people that somebody who would do such a thing has no business anywhere near the Presidency and that voting for him again will only give him license to do exactly the same thing without consequences when he is re-elected.

But the first thing to do is to defeat the mandate.

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