Booyah and Kudos to Susan G. Komen for the Cure…

Booyah and Kudos to Susan G. Komen for the Cure… February 1, 2012

…for ditching all ties to Murder Inc. Given the ties between abortion and breast cancer, it made as much sense for them to support PP as for the American Lung Association to buddy up with the tobacco lobby.

May God hasten the day that Planned Parenthood becomes, like Babylon before it, the haunt of the screech owl and the jackal. May its name be forgotten and its memory erased.

Update: Please take a moment today to email and THANK Susan G. Komen for ceasing their funding of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S! According to Live Action, Komen has already received 2,000+ complaint emails attacking them for their decision… we need to speak up and give them our thanks & support, lest they cave once again to radical pressure from the pro-abortion community. Thank-you for taking a minute to do this!

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  • Chris

    Amen. Had to read that news over and over to make sure I wasn’t having some kind of post-HHS hallucination.

    • Reality Check

      This is a program that paid for 170,000 breast cancer exams and 6,400 mammogram referrals. But remember, you’re “pro-life”.

      • Chris

        Any doctor can refer a woman for breast cancer exams. Got anything else?

        • You beat me to it.

        • Reality Check

          There’s no organization that does it on the scale of PP with its reach. nearly 15% of its funding last year went to cancer screening and prevention. But remember–it’s all about the “sanctity of life”, right?

          • William

            Of course the irony of it all is that the Race for the Cure has brought all this money to Planned Parenthood over the years for “breast exams” and not one PP office even has mammogram equipment (They’re not licensed) . All they do is their manual exam and then have to refer to someone who actually has the mammogram machine. There are hundreds of alternative organizations who do not murder unborn babies in the womb.

          • Chris

            Scale is irrelevant. the Nazis did wonders for the German quality of life while they were slaughtering the Jews. Birds of a feather!

            • Reality Check

              Did you just compare the largest provider of women’s health services in the country to Nazis?

            • Reality Check

              And given the record of Pope Pius XII and the RCC’s history of anti-semitism I’d be careful with the Nazi comparisons.

              • LOL, you might want to read the FACTS about Pius XII sometime. But you won’t, because any stick to beat the Catholic Church with, must be true!

      • Dan F.

        DFTT (Don’t feed the troll)

    • Planned Parenthood performs not a single mammogram, and referrals cost nothing.

      • Reality Check

        They did over 747,607 breast cancer exams in 2010. You’ve just cheered that fact that 700,00+ women won’t get screened for cancer.

        • Chris

          You’re getting a lot of mileage out of that Culture of Death Talking Point Generator.

          Yes, 700,000 women now have no idea how to find a hospital or general practitioner. We’re DOOMED!

          • Reality Check

            You need to check your privilege.

            • OK, I get it. Your whole mantra is “we can do whatever we want with our body”. That means get it on with who we want, experiment with who we want, blah blah blah.

              You fail to realize there’s always consequences for acting like that.

              • Reality Check

                So punish women by forcing them to give birth because they didn’t follow your approved standards and “natural law”. Got it.

                Your church’s slogan should be “Building a Bridge to the Ninth Century”.

                • Mark Shea

                  I think I’m about done with your trolling. Bye.

                  • What’s sad is that I think RC actually believed all the stuff she said. I am going to pray for her.

            • Chris

              Because poor women are not intelligent enough to find a hospital or GP? Is that what you’re implying?
              Ah, the language of love coming out every orifice.

              • Chris, has it occurred to you (and I’m being serious here, not sarcastic) that poor women may not be able to AFFORD an exam from a private physician? I’m not the biggest fan of PP, but seriously–you think they can all just walk down the street for an exam, no matter the expense?

            • Maiki

              a) PP is not going to quit doing breast exams. Maybe they can divert some of their funds that go to abortion and contraception to this purpose? If they lack the funding, I’m hoping they still refer people to community health centers since they have that information.
              b) if someone can find a PP, they can probably find other health centers, too. Getting a general physical is just as important if not more important than a breast exam, anyway — and the breast exam is included in the physical.
              c) if they can’t find a health practitioner on their own other than PP, either PP or even the corner pharmacy(e.g. CVS minute clinic) can probably give you some referrals.

        • Here’s the link to free or very low cost breast cancer screenings for my state:

          Don’t need PP for that.

  • Reality Check

    It seems the new head of Komen is a Forced-Birther, and her views are being foisted on Komen.

    PP provides more breast cancer exams than any other organization in the country, btw. It saves women’s lives, and there’s no other organization that comes close.

    • So? Komen could just use the money to fund some other organization, or set up their own program to test for breast cancer, and that’s probably what they’ll do.

      a Forced-Birther? hahahaha. Do you even listen to yourself? I suppose that makes someone who is against bulemia a “Forced Digestor”. Thanks for a good laugh.

      • Reality Check

        Which organization would that be? Again, there’s nothing comparable to PP in its reach and organization in providing free cancer screenings and prevention. None.

        You’re cheering dead women.

        • I’m sure that the country will manage. It’s not like PP has a patent on breast exam technology. Other organizations will pick up the slack.

      • Dan F.

        Don’t feed the troll Dave, resist the urge

    • Chris

      Your posts are wonderful forays into science fiction. Thanks.

      • Thomas R

        As someone who wrote science fiction, or tried to, I say boo:)

  • Listen, when people refer to murder as safe abortion care (they were referring to the “care” PP provides), you know there’s poison in their water.

    Turns the whole meaning of care inside out, dontcha think?

  • Everyone, Komen is getting a slew of abusive posts on its FB page. If you got a minute, go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fb page, click like, and tell ’em thanks.

    • Reality Check

      As well they should. They just trashed their brand.

      • Chris

        Because no cause that benefits women can survive without the blood of innocents on its hands.

        Thanks, got it.

  • Reality Check

    No matter how much anti-choicers wish otherwise, it’s not feasible to create an approach to women’s health that separates good girl concerns from bad girl concerns. For instance, many women land in gynocologist’s offices seeking contraceptive services and cervical-cancer screenings, and doctors use that opportunity to teach the art of breast self-exam. As noted in my previous post on the Santorums’ pregnancy troubles, even the world of the hated abortion provider and the much-vaunted obstetrician can’t be so easily separated, as the latter is often called upon to have knowledge of pregnancy termination in case of a medical emergency.

    In the end, the grant money is less important than the symbolism of Komen buying into the conservative myth of good-girl health care vs. bad-girl health care. In reality, women’s health care can only work if it’s comprehensive health care. Komen has already been under serious scrutiny by those who argue that the organization cares more about shoring up their image than making real progress in the fight for women’s health, and with this move today, they proved their critics right.

    • Chris

      Oh goody! Another article from Slate!

      • Reality Check

        Why don’t you try addressing the arguments?

        • Chris

          The source is compromised.

        • I didn’t find any arguments that made any sense. Anyone?

        • Chris M

          Why? You haven’t addressed or even attempted to address a single argument on here. Why should we give you the courtesy of a rational debate when you’re obviously ill-equipped to do the same?

    • Bad girl health care? What is this, the 1950s?

      Anyway, sex isn’t a bad thing. It is, like I said above, when you do it with whoever, whenever, and unplanned things happen.

      I bought into the whole “do whatever you want” thing when I was younger. It took much heartache to realize it was a myth.

      • Reality Check

        She’s being sarcastic, using the kind of language you do.

        But it’s unfair to say Catholics want to take us back to the 1950s–that’s what the Evangelicals want to do. Catholics want to take us back to the 950s.

        • You know, there’s no point even talking to you. You’re set in your views and you want Catholics to come around to your POV. Not going to happen.

    • Maiki

      This is ridiculous. Most Gyns don’t provide abortions, women against abortion and contraception still go to the gynecologist, even if single, and any Gyn or even GP or Nurse Practitioner can do a breast exam and teach how to do one (and do!).

      You can just as easily fund community health clinics and urgent care centers to provide breast exams and mammogram referrals. PP is not the only place to get cheap women’s health care.

      • Reality Check

        All OBGYns are trained in pregnancy termination in case of emergency circumstances like the mother’s life being in danger. ALL of them.

        • Maiki

          So? I don’t object to them having that knowledge for triage or life-saving situations.

        • Richard Bell

          That is a myth. Therapeutic abortion is an optional course that most avoid. Ectopic pregnancies are a different matter, but even the Pope recommends saving the mother in those circumstances.

          There are real fears among the abortion rights movement that, in the not too distant future, finding a physician that is qualified, let alone willing, to perform therapeutic abortions will become difficult.

          • rakowskidp

            Ectopic pregnancies are in a different category altogether. Catholic practitioners are never permitted to perform direct abortions. They are, however, permitted to provide treatments that are intended to cure a disease, while unintentionally leading to the death of the unborn child.

            So the removal of the affected section of a fallopian tube isn’t abortion – it’s medical treatment with the secondary effect of ending the pregnancy. This is one of the examples I’ve encountered most frequently in researching the principle of double effect.

    • Happy

      As a liberal, we support a woman’s right to choose. Too bad that we don’t extend the same courtesy to children. Children deserve the right to choose to live.

  • Lals

    Susan G. Kommen is already receiving a lot of backlash from Planned Parenthood supporters and the anti-life establishment. It is important that we remember to make our voice heard, too, and show our support for Susan G. Komen.

    Please take a moment to go to their website and follow the links to “Contact Us” so you can email them your appreciation and support for their courage to stand up for life. Additionally, for those of you on Facebook, you may also support them on the Susan G. Komen Facebook page. No matter how we do it, our voice of support for this courageous move must be heard.

    • Margaret

      Definitely jump in on FB and show some public support in addition to private support via email…

  • Window

    If you’re having trouble accessing Komen’s website you can email your support to

    • kmk

      Better yet, let’s make some donations–it is nice to be able to make one after all those years of telling friends and neighbors (and Safeway!) “NO thanks, can’t.)

  • Scott W.

    From the article:

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a leader in fundraising for breast cancer research and famous worldwide for its iconic pink ribbon, said Tuesday that it was halting all partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates because of recently adopted criteria that forbid it from funding any organization under government investigation…

    …In September, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) launched an inquiry to determine whether Planned Parenthood uses public money to fund abortions. Planned Parenthood receives federal money but cannot use it to provide abortions.

    Does this mean that the inquiry says no they didn’t, will the Komen B. Foundation resume its ties with Kill-the-Innocent-of-Less-Pinkish-Hue?

    Second, of course the money goes for abortions. Dollars are fungible people. It’s like giving a bum money but adding the condition, “Spend it on food, not booze.” This would be fine if you were his only source of money because if he agreed to the condition, you are off the hook if he made a false promise and went and bought the booze. But if you know full well that he gets his money from other sources, the food-or-booze condition is meaningless because anyone can say, “I’ll just use your money to buy the food and his money to buy the booze. It’s just sly bookkeeping. Giving money to Planned Parenthood for it’s so-called non-abortive services (please. it’s like the chatzkes every company offers to get you on their main product) or administrative costs just means that they now can free up the money they already slated for that and dump it into the abortion part of their budget.

    • ds

      Since dollars are fungible, I guess Cardinal George is lying to me when he says “No monies donated to the Annual Catholic Appeal have been or will be used to defray expenses related to [child sexual abuse].”

      • Sheesh, can’t we get through one thread without someone mindlessly trotting out the abuse crisis?

        • ds

          Sure would be nice if we could all just forget about it, huh?

          • JonathanR.

            Because the best way to remember something is as a club to beat someone over the head in an unrelated point.

        • S. Murphy

          It’s a fair point, I guess. I don’t think it’s a lie, necessarily; but it is the case that a restricted donation over here enables an unrestricted donation to be placed over there.

          But, also, if the annual Catholic appeal belongs to the USCCB, unless the USCCB also has a fund that lets them spot dioceses facing huge lawsuit payouts, there might really not be any connection.
          My parents’ diocese did separate collections to help pay for their lawsuits, so that people could choose to give, or not. They were trying to separate the funds. But if people hadn’t chipped in, then $ that would have gone to paying the gas and electric, or charity, might’ve had to go towards legal.

      • Well, basically. It’s not lying PER SE, but obviously the more money they get from the Appeal, the more OTHER monies they are able to divert to the abuse fund.

  • Amy

    Don’t just thank them with words, show support with donations as well. You know that a lot of pro-aborts are going to stop supporting them in retaliation for this move (because breast health is only important if they’re connected to birth control and abortion?). Let’s show them that they don’t need to be associated with PP to keep their donations up.

  • Karen

    Uh, SGK still funds embryonic stem cell research, so you might want to hold off on those congrats emails.

    • Amy

      They released a statement in November explicitly denying ever funding embryonic stem cell research. Now, that’s not to say they have any objections to it, but they have not, as yet, funded it. (Unless you have evidence that they are lying).

    • One step at a time…they still deserve encouragement for doing the right thing in this area….

  • My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and both she and my sister have long supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I however have been reluctant because of their ties to Planned Parenthood.

    Thanks to their decision to sever those ties, I have just made my first donation.

    You should, too.

  • Julia

    I’m not even Catholic and these anti-Catholic trolls with their self-righteous attitudes are driving me nuts. (Why do they even come to something called Catholic and enjoying it???) I came through a google search, wondering if the Catholic church had issued a statement. I already supported Susan Komen but am even happier to support them now and will be thanking them!

  • Marthe Lépine

    I just sent this: I am not familiar with your organization, but I just read a post on Mark Shea’s “Catholic and Enjoying It”, and I wish to congratulate you for the decision to withdraw financing to Planned Parenthood. Of course you will be criticized for it, but it usually happens to people who leave the pack in order to step in the right direction… Keep going!

  • Joseph

    I wouldn’t get excited. They said they were cutting off contributions because PP was under federal investigation, not because they disagreed with harmful contraceptives or abortions. That tells me that the watchdogs need to make sure this isn’t a red herring and that the money doesn’t end up in the hands of another evil organization (or returns to the same hands after the investigation is called off by Lord Baby-Bloodbath Obama).

    • The fact that PP is under federal investigation could just be a convenient dodge to damp down the controversy a bit. I still give them credit for doing the right thing.

    • Linebyline

      Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is far from perfect, but it is still doing the right thing.

      We do go to confession, right? Unless you want to tell me that you don’t care at all whether you go to hell, then you have reasons for going to confession other than pure sorrow at having offended God. (Not necessarily instead of it, but still.) Yet God still forgives us even though it’s nigh impossible to say that we have perfect contrition.

      …Um, unless you’re not Catholic and thus don’t go to confession, in which case, uh… Hey! Look at that trash can! [*points*]

      • Joseph

        Not accusing them of insincerety. Just pointing out that the excuse they gave doesn’t line up with the national cries of joy from the pro-life side and suggesting we be cautious about this rather than annointing a champion of moral behavior where there is no indication that was their motive.

        Serioulsy, don’t start defending them tooth and nail until you have a chance to watch what develops.

      • Joseph

        Not only that, you have to remember that this same board considered PP worthy of their donations for years before this decision knowing full well that doing so was a blatant contradiction to their supposed mission. Their official statement makes more sense. They are only ending their relationship because PP has been tarnished by federal and state investigations and has the bad habit of attacking the hands that once fed them, not because they disagree with PP’s “professed” mission. Be careful who you annoint is all.

  • It is amazing how much support for PP comes out of the woodwork whenever some source of funding is threatened.

    Although, one would think that an organization that enjoys as much goodwill as PP would have no shortage of private donations from individuals, and thus would not be dependent on the government and organizations like Komen to provide the life-saving services they are so dedicated to providing, if only those darn pro-lifers would leave them alone.

    It’s almost enough to make me suspect that all this outrage isn’t about saving women’s lives at all, but in co-opting all taxpayers and supporters of organizations like Komen into abortion, and softening the image of both Planned Parenthood and their more controversial services. If the problem is that losing these funds will make it impossible for PP to save women’s lives, that is a situation it is entirely within its supporters’ ability to solve.

  • Confederate Papist

    I am glad they did it. I’ve always admired what they’ve done for breast cancer, etc and the Walk.

    • I’m doing the Walk this year. Just looked it up at the Komen affiliate for my area. Made a donation while I was there, too.

  • Sal

    I sponsor a couple of free mammograms a year through our community health service. I’m glad Komen did this, and I’ll send them an e-mail, but I think I’ll let the dust settle and see how this plays out before donating to them.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    No, Ds, but out of respect for the victims, maybe we could treat the subject with more seriousness and respect than a hobby horse.

  • HBanan

    Eh, my grandmother died of breast cancer, and she was pro-life her whole life. Even cancer victims had hobbyhorses. I just donated to the Komen Foundation because I saw some of my facebook friends in high dudgeon claiming they would never donate again. I was rather disgusted, as I had donated to the Komen Foundation before, even though I hated their ties with Planned Parenthood, but my friends couldn’t stand the thought of donating to any organization that kicked out PP. Whatever. The truth is, way more people will donate to fight cancer than will donate to Planned Parenthood or to a similar cause.

  • Mary
    • If you don’t want to buy pink products – and I never did, because I wondered where the money was really going – don’t. Support them in other ways. Do the Walk, like I’ll be doing, or support your local community health care center.

      • Mary

        I prefer to support cancer-fighting organizations that have better charitable ratings and focus their energies on actually dealing with cancer rather than raising fluffy awareness that doesn’t actually do much of anything. Plus I’m Canadian. I’ve been doing the Terry Fox Run for 20 years of my relatively short life.

        For crying out loud, they collected money from pink buckets of KFC – chicken that has growth hormones that cause cancer!

        • Joseph


          I think you and I are alone in this world. I totally agree with you. My idea of a charity is one that actually does something about what it is they claim their fighting with the money they receive. Komen has become a massive advertising agency that seems to dump their money and get sponsors to/from corporations that are contrary to their supposed mission, with our without the PP ties.

          • Mary

            Pink Ribbons Inc is a new documentary all about this, if you’d like to fuel your rage, Joseph! Google the trailer.

  • Dave K

    Anybody have a link to a current study that confirms a link between abortion-breast cancer? My adversaries on fb came back with an article that disputes that aurgument.

  • Chris M

    I wonder if Komen has seen a similar spike?

  • R. Howell

    I trust lots of other non-profits are learning their lesson from all the bad PR and boycott efforts: if you start funding PP, you may not stop, ever. Apparently becoming a PP funder is kind of like joining the mob.