Cardinal Egan is a disgrace

Cardinal Egan is a disgrace February 8, 2012

A decade after his apology for his disgusting handling of sex abuse in his diocese, he now rescinds the apology and declares his work “incredibly good”. He is, not to put too fine a point on it, a liar, as Michael Brendan Dougherty documents thoroughly.

“I never had one of these sex abuse cases.” he said, before adding  pompously, “If you have another bishop in the United States who has the record I  have, I’d be happy to know who he is.” He also claimed that the Church had no  obligation to report abuse to the civil authorities.

These are lies, strutting around with pride.

The Church is required to report abuse, according to laws on the books  since the 1970s.

Bishop Egan ran a diocese that was notoriously dangerous for children.  Contrary to his claim, during his twelve-year enthronement at Bridgeport, Egan  repeatedly failed to investigate priests where there were obvious signs of abuse,  according to The Hartford Courant. His diocese had to settle the cases and  awarded victims some $12-15 million in damages.

Here is just one incredible case of negligence. According to  the Hartford Courant, in 1990, Egan received a memo about “a  developing pattern of accusations” that Rev. Charles Carr of Norwalk had fondled  young boys. Egan kept Carr working for another five years, only suspending him  after a lawsuit was filed, and then in 1999 making him a chaplain at Danbury’s  hospital.

How about another? The Connecticut Post also  reported that early in his reign, dozens of people came forward  to accuse Rev. Raymond Pcolka of Greenwich of sexual abuse and violence against  children. Egan claimed that the accusers were never “proved” to be telling the  truth. Well, Egan never even bothered to interview them and kept Pcolka in  ministry.

Do men like this not fear God?  What is the matter with him?  Is such narcissism really possible?  God deliver us from such shepherds.

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