Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator

Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator February 27, 2012

…has years of experience as a Piskie gumshoe and can recognize the telltale sign of incipient (and insipid) Episcopalianism a mile off. Here he is, throwing a spotlight with his own inimitable verve on the alternative Magisteria crowd in the Catholic communion and their suckupery to the Tyrant King.

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  • The Deuce

    You know how when gas prices go down to $3.00, we all feel relieved, even though we would have considered that an outrage a mere 10 years ago when we were paying $1.50? The lefty Catholics are trying to exploit that same phenomenon in order to help ease their leaders into giving up everything over time, while trying to avoid personal feelings of guilt for having sold out their Church. The idea is that we should feel relieved and grateful when the Tyrant agrees to only violate half of our rights instead of all of them, and that it’s bad manners and “unreasonable” for people to insist on maintaining all the rights they already have, because compromise (in a leftward direction) is always good and sensible. Rinse, repeat until all rights are thoroughly expunged. In fact, this is how the social Left operates in general. Remember back when “civil unions” were a “reasonable compromise position”?

    Btw, have I said how impressed I am with your bishops over this issue? I honestly thought the gas price effect would work on them, originally. The only thing they, and we Christians in general, could do to improve on it is to learn to use the gas price effect to our advantage. Instead of just insisting that our rights not be violated (and complaining when they increasingly are), we should continually demand *more* recognition of our rights than we currently have, while magnanimously stating our willingness to compromise (for now) with all “reasonable” people. Extravagant demands can make you seem extreme, but it moves the center in your direction over time, and faithful Christians are always going to be painted as extreme anyhow.

  • FrMichael

    I wondered why America would not do the opposite of The New Oxford Review. NOR was Anglican and went Catholic. Would America do the opposite? Then I thought the main thing stopping them is the minuscule size of The Episcopal Church: losing a significant portion of their Catholic subscribers is not a winning gameplan when the new potential customer base is so small. Then I further considered the Jesuit ownership of the mag and concluded that it is here to stay. Progressive Jesuits cannot afford to lose a valuable megaphone, all the more with their diminishing numbers and energy. But it is no longer found on my church bookrack!

    • Joseph

      I think that the original name of the magazine was “Americanism”. But the Jesuits, who don’t like “isms” because they are too divisive, shortened it. It still sounds like Americanism to me.

  • trespinos

    I bow to CJ. He is one brilliant controversialist–not unlike another blogger we know. But truth to tell, the compromisers’ position is so thin that refuting it is sorta like shooting fish a barrel. If the SCOTUS ever gets to rule on the HHS mandate, I won’t be surprised to see a couple of the liberal Justices find their side’s arguments too tough to swallow, giving the Prez a 7-2 slapdown that even the editors of America will find hard to explain away.

  • Matthew

    I would second Fr. Z’s suggestions that Jefferts-Schori, the current presiding bishop, should issue Romanorum Coetibuts, a document welcoming all disaffected Catholics into the Anglican communion where they can keep their “traditions”.