Dem Rep Booed over HHS Mandate

Dem Rep Booed over HHS Mandate February 27, 2012

The media is telling you this is over and that the Tyrant has won.

Not so fast:

Resist the Tyrant!

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  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    In the media I’m paying attention to, which mostly entails local news and NPR, no one is really saying Obama has won. In fact, Dems are rushing out to assume everyone, “This is no big deal. Really!”

    Which leads me to believe the Obama Administration knows what a colossal mistake it was and is already trying to save face. Obama certainly does not want this to still be an issue come November.

    We need to keep up the resistance, but honestly, I think we’re winning.

  • Consistency

    It says a lot for the influence of our media that so many Catholics on both sides of the aisle value allegiance to a political party over the Church.

  • Joannie

    I may come off here sounding silly and paranoid but I have no use for the “mainstream secular media” which even a lot of Catholic Radio and media mention and quote from. I have not trusted them in the last few years mostly after Obama was elected and took his oath of office (not once but two times). I only get my media news from a independent news source which happens to be on the internet. As well as on this blog. I saw on this independent news sight just this morning on how the CIA has been manipulating the American News at least since the middle 50’s up until the 1970’s when Congress held hearings. I do not trust even FOX and mostly MSNBC since Tim Russert died in June 2008.

    • I don’t know about the CIA, but definitely all the news channels are biased. I don’t watch any of them. I get all of my news online now, from more unbiased sources.

      • To paraphrase Pilate; “what is bias?”

        There are always three sides of the story, one side, the other side and the truth.

        In this case I believe our pushback against our religious liberties is the truth…which is why there is so much outrage over this. The media and the regime are trying to frame the argument, but this time the people are too smart. Question is, will they go back to TMZ and Free Candy before the election?

  • Kathleen

    A lot more of this type of protesting needs to happen.