Did Matthew Invent the Story…

Did Matthew Invent the Story… February 13, 2012

…of Jesus founding the Church? The obvious, Occam’s Razor answer is “No”. I often run into people who posit some vague theory that Jesus never existed or the Church was founded by somebody else, but they tend to not be very specific about how this stacks up against information that might call their theory into question. Basically, it appears to be a game of suppressing information in the New Testament they dislike and exaggerating information in the New Testament that favor their conspiracy theory, plus just making stuff up.

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  • Confederate Papist

    I thought Constantine invented it!

    I can’t keep up with all of these “truths”!! I’ll just make it simple and just stick with my bible and CCC.

    • Sal

      No, no. Constantine invented the Catholic Church.
      Not the real, Bible-believing first century church.
      Jesus made up the Church, just not on Peter, but on Peter’s faith in Him, or something else that’s the rock.
      But not Peter.
      Or so it’s been explained to me.

  • Chris

    If Matthew founded the Church, why didn’t he make himself the head? And why did it take him so long to claim it by writing the Gospel? And why didn’t anyone challenge him, if he did? And why didn’t he just write, “You are Matthew, and on this rock I will build my Church?”

    What non-believers never square up, is their belief that the Apostles conspired to create a bogus religion, while forgetting to give themselves open-ended power or split off into factions. The disconnect is laughable.

    • Jared

      Unless I’m mistaken, Paul is the one who made Jesus (who was nothing more than a decent teacher/ spiritual guru / political opportunist / ninja master who was never really alive anyway) into a messiah figure and began the practice of worshiping him, inventing “the Church”. Afterwards, Matthew founded the Church in his Gospel (which was the first written because it comes first in the new testament. Duh!) and basically started the practice of worshiping Christ. Centuries later, Constantine started the Church. He also compiled the Bible. Or heavily edited it. And decided that Jesus Christ was God and, therefore, should be worshiped.
      Seems legit.

      • S. Murphy

        Don’t forget the part where they threw out the gospel of Mary Magdalene for fear that women might want to vote in 1900 years or so.

      • Joseph

        And don’t forget about the albino Opus Dei assassin.

        • Jared

          Ah, yes, forgot about those.

          …okay, why are WE supposed to be the unintelligent people who go on blind faith? So much effort into just ignoring the resurrection… that’s before we get into the universe causing itself (cause and effect? Science doesn’t demonstrate that!), the absurdity of relativism and materialism, and the general inability to be satisfied with Earth (something no other animal has trouble with). Man… justifying atheism must be exhausting.

  • Scott W.

    What non-believers never square up, is their belief that the Apostles conspired to create a bogus religion, while forgetting to give themselves open-ended power or split off into factions. The disconnect is laughable.

    Exactly. It’s a pretty lousy conspiracy if the conspirators never got around to editing out all those embarrassing accounts of Peter.

    • Joseph

      Worse, if your goal was earthly power and riches, why would you opt to be poor and then allow yourself to be imprisoned, tortured, and eventually martyred for the false belief you are trying to spread to give you endless riches and power? You’d think that after one or two of the Apostles were martyred, the others would say, “You know, I don’t think this little scheme is working out, maybe we’d better just drop it”, if it were just a scheme, that is. Instead, the rest of them opted for cruel martyrdom (except John, whom they attempted to martyr in a vat of boiling oil but when he miraculously survived without a scratch, imprisoned him instead).

  • The feminist sisters who taught in my seminary always pushed the idea that Jesus never founded a church. . .of course, they pushed this idea b/c they wanted the church to ordain women. When I pointed this out, they balked. I was not popular among my profs in seminary.

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

    • Jared

      What were they doing teaching in a seminary? o.O

      • Linebyline

        Failing, apparently.

        • Linebyline

          The Internet is rife with opportunities to be a smart-aleck while contributing nothing. Sadly, I’m often unable to let such opportunities pass, and am reduced to wasting time and bandwidth on uncharitable one-liners.

          I apologize for the preceding comment.