I have great admiration for Glenn Greenwald

I have great admiration for Glenn Greenwald February 14, 2012

It’s rare to find somebody who is willing to expose his own tribe to the harsh glare of broad daylight for the sake of the truth. Greenwald has been completely consistent. He was critical of Bush assaults on civil liberties and he has not relented an inch now that Obama has opted to vote himself the power to murder and indefinitely detain American citizens. Here he is, taking the “progressive” Left to the woodshed for their filthy hypocrisy in supporting Obama’s tyrannical attack on our most basic freedoms.

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  • Sean O

    Glen Greenwald is good. He deserves some recognition. So many are fad followers looking to be popular & make a buck. David Frum comes to mind immediately.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    I would like to see called a general strike by Catholics and other people of faith who are fed up.

    Not a don’t-go-to-work strike. That’s not what we want.

    We want a Consumer General Strike. We won’t buy, rent, or order anything – other than the basic necessities of everyday life – until President Obama backs down and stops infringing on our religious liberties.

    People of faith staying out of restaurants, cafes, home remodeling stores, ladies’ clothing stores, shoe stores, department stores, auto showrooms, movie theatres, hotels, casinos, gift shops, news stands, . . . not buying or ordering books, DVDs, jewelry, home goods, fashions, music, etc.

    And we contact our retailers, and our Congressional reps, and we tell them why.

    Who’s down?

    • Joseph

      Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing during Lent anyway?

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        During Lent we give up a certain class of pleasures or indulgences we enjoy – sweets, or tobacco, or television. We might also do some positive things, such as attend daily Mass, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or say the Rosary every day.

        What I am speaking about is different: I am speaking about going on strike from buying or renting consumer goods.*

        * beyond the essentials necessary for everyday family life.

        • Joseph

          Oh, I usually *try* to do that for Lent anyway… I just figured that’s what we were supposed to do. With the money saved, give to the poor.

          • Marion (Mael Muire)

            Wow. I never spoke with anyone before who said that they did an across-the-board cessation of renting or purchasing stuff throughout all six weeks of Lent.

            Anyway, this is not about Lent. This is a Purchasing Strike. Like an Employment Strike, except instead of not going to work, you don’t buy stuff. And it’s not intended primarily as an ascetical practice, although it may be that for some people.

            It’s intended as a political act.

    • Maiki

      Won’t that hurt good meaning business owners (many of who are Catholic) more than anything else?

      You boycott a product or business you don’t agree with. “Striking” in this context makes no sense, sort of like the OWS type protests.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        Won’t that hurt good meaning business owners (many of who are Catholic) more than anything else?

        Would that enough people would participate to that such an effort would affect anyone’s business. I think there may be ways that Catholic business owners who support our bushops and those Catholics who participate in our purchasing strike will have ways of making themselves known to one another, so that so concerns will be alleviated.

        “Striking” in this context makes no sense, sort of like the OWS type protests.

        This is a consumption strike, rather than an employment strike or an occupying-other-people’s-private property strike.

        I think it makes a lot of sense, in that it may have an effect, even if ever so slight on our economy, and thus get the attention of our leaders who may be under the impression that the Catholic people will just roll over and play dead.

  • Consistency

    Good article. Thanks for posting.

    By the way Mark. I’m not sure what your thoughts are on Andrew Napolitano but I thought you might be interested that Fox news axed his show. I’m surprised he didn’t know that negatively effecting profits for the MIC is ungoodthink. This and their censorship/pushing out the door of Glenn Beck (who seems slightly anti-Catholic and who I disagree with frequently) seems very convenient. I would like your thoughts.


    • Mark Shea

      Never seen his show. No comment. As to Beck, removing his crazy fearmongering from the airwaves was a kindness to the general health of the body politic.

  • Rob H

    I guess if you overlook his support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, his trashing of immigrants and victims of hate crimes, his fawning over Ron Paul, his support for a billionaire for president, his thoroughly dishonest arguments, and his consistent hypocrisy, he’s just fine. Oh, I forgot he’s also proven liar. My bad.

    • Timbot2000

      “fawning over Ron Paul”

      What a Monster!

      • Rob H
        • Tim Wise is a racial pot-stirrer.

        • If Ron Paul is a racist, then I’m a platypus.

          And I’m not a platypus. Really, I swear.

        • Timbot2000

          Wow! Ive read some poorly-researched and dishonestly-argued pieces before, but this one takes the cake. This ranks up there with the American Spectator’s attempt to link the late Joe Sobran with pro-abortion zealots because of his opposition to Bush’s wars, as well as Bill Gertz’s coverage of the Wen Ho Lee affair in the 1990’s which had me and the engineering staff laughing out loud with the amazing display of ignorance of basic physics and engineering.

  • Really, Mark, can you trust Salon?

    • Timbot2000

      “See! This man eats with sinners!”
      Really Sean?

    • You really did not see the irony of my comment?