If you are wondering what the deal is with Sacred Tradition

If you are wondering what the deal is with Sacred Tradition February 13, 2012

…you may be interested in this panel discussion we (Marcus Grodi, Fr. Ray Ryland, Scott Hahn, Yr. Obdt. Svt., and Roy Schoeman) held at the Coming Home Network’s “Deep in History” conference out in Columbus, OH last October. It was a fun conference, full of hundreds of gung ho Catholics (and a few curious Evangelicals) who were there to celebrate Christ and give thanks for what Paul calls “the riches of his inheritance in the saints”. I always feel weird when I get to do one of these things, because I feel totally out of place and outclassed by much better and smarter Catholics than I am. I sit there thinking, “What am I doing here with these guys, like Joe Doaks from the Seattle Pilots sitting next to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Hank Aaron?” I keep waiting for the moment when somebody looks at me, their eyes focus, and they say, “Who is this intruder? Guards! Seize him!” Fortunately, this time I got away with it, for which I thank Marcus Grodi, whose poor vision allowed me to pass myself off as Jimmy Akin.

By the way, there’s a little glitch in the captioning. I’m not a former Baptist. I’m a former garage band pagan from Wayne’s World who became a former non-denominational Evangelical by finally becoming a Catholic.

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  • Mark,

    I listened ETWN’s podcast of this panel this morning and was thinking how well you came across, much like in the interview you did with me.

    You shine in this format. You ought to think about doing a regular podcast.

  • I listened to it too, Mark, and you were indeed great!

    (But how could Marcus have missed the fact that you don’t SOUND anything like Jimmy? No, it was some Dark Lord-ish trick for sure. While all the time Jimmy was doubling as you in your torture chambers)

  • Therese Z

    I thought you guys were good on The Journey Home. You came across dryly amusing, very real and very sincere.

  • Dan C

    The set-up that Grodi noted about Evangelicals looking from the outside on Catholicism (in his example, he used the old movies “Boys Town” and “The Bells of St. Mary’s”) and not figuring out the real “action” as internal movements of the soul is the routine I find when Evangelicals ponder more tradition-laden religions, like Judaism and Catholicism.

    For an Evangelical, it needs to “be spoken.” It needs to be “stated.” Catholicism differs there in its religious movements.

    For example, in a weird (to me-from the NE US) way, after Schoeman noted he considered himself a Jew still but Catholic (or something of that sort), Grodi, in a near-reflexive almost exorcist-like manner, assured the audience and himself with the line “butnowyouacceptJesusChristasyourSavior…” For those like myself in which such comments are understood with the line “but now I am Catholic,” Grodi’s need for such overt assurance seems odd to me.

    • Catriona

      I think Marcus Grodi does that, not for his own assurance, but because he knows that many in his own audience may come from an evangelical Protestant background (as I do), and may need something to be spelled out a bit more.

      I have been Catholic almost 15 years, and I still scratch my head in bewilderment at some of the spiritual shorthand that is used in describing certain practices and popular devotions. The least I could say is that I don’t understand it, and I can tell you it’s often very off-putting, not to say frightening, to some evangelicals.

  • Sue

    I watched this show a couple of days ago online, and really enjoyed seeing some of my “mentors” lined up on the stage. I started my journey into the Church by reading “Rome Sweet Home” followed by the “Surprised by Truth” series, so it kind of felt like a gathering of old, dear friends. You did a great job, Mark!

  • Worstest Catholic (Mike)

    Well done, Mark. your folksiness in your delivery (as well as your clear explanations) adds a lot to the panel.
    As a Lutheran, I absolutely saw the Catholic Church as an edifice covered with “accretions”, and said that often to my cradle Catholic wife. People like you have helped me change my view, though it took a while.

  • B.E. Ward

    I agree! We need Podsheavings!

    I think you’d be a good interviewer too..

  • I loved your barnacle metaphor! And I loved your take on evangelical liturgy with 3 fast songs, 3 medium ones, 3 slow ones, a meet and greet, an hour long sermon (that would impel Catholics to hurl pews) and the only sacrament, coffee and doughnuts! And we did it every week! you said. I told my husband, the preacher, and we howled. Thanks for a good laugh this week. We needed it!

  • Jack Amadan

    You guys need to move on! My goodness, you’ve been talking about the same basic issues for the last 20 years! Is there nothing more to Catholicism than “I left sola scriptura and found tradition”?