Joss Whedon makes his act of obeisance …

Joss Whedon makes his act of obeisance … February 27, 2012

to the iron and immutable pieties of his class by prostrating himself to Moloch and giving us Buffy the Baby Slayer.

Abortion: the one sacred thing to the Pelvic Left just as torture is sacred and to be defended at all costs on the Right. We are suckers for Satan, our species.

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  • Geoffrey

    Not so fast. This is Joss Whedon, so I trust the storyline won’t be “Buffy got an abortion and everything went perfectly okay without any negative consequences.” We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Scott W.

    Joss Whedon is an example of talent squandered, but I digress. In this case I’d suggest a wait-and-see for now. That is, does he have her actually complete abortion? I ask this because time-after-time in tv show, movies, etc. whenever there is an abortion story, something usually intervenes at the last minute: a false pregnancy test or a miscarriage. Get that? The story establishes the right to deliberately kill the innocent, but doesn’t usually actually have them go through with it, because guess what? Audience sympathy for the character drops into the cellar.

  • Scott W.

    OOO! I almost missed this gem:

    “It’s a very difficult decision for her, but she made a decision that so many people make and it’s such a hot button issue with Planned Parenthood under constant threat and attack right now.”

    Someone forgot to tell Joss that everyone is supposed to pretend that abortion isn’t Planned Parenthood’s main schtick.

  • Joseph

    Why can’t Buffy dump her hobby of killing the undead and start a new hobby of rearing living humans? She could spend her pregnancy training a platoon of vampire hunters. Then she could move back in with her parents for a while or even find a charity like “Room at the Inn” at Belmont College where she’ll not only have her room and board taken care of, but she’ll also get free daycare while she studies at the college?

    Trading her babies life to continue a hobby of killing vampires just makes it appear that she isn’t killing vampires for the sake of everyone else, she’s killing them because she likes killing… and that’s not virtuous at all.

    Looks like Buffy’s creator just totally contradicted the psychological profile of the character he created. It’s wonderful to see how stupid new atheists are.

  • I guess she ran out of vampires to slay, so she had to move on to her own child.

  • Margaret Catherine

    Whedon’s reasoning aside, how is this any worse than much of what occurred in the TV series? It was a brilliantly written show – that featured characters allying with demonic powers, performing occult rituals, being possessed by spirits…etc and ad nauseum. The entire premise was corrupt; this should come as no shock.

  • Sigh. I so enjoyed Joss’ Firefly series. It is a pity that now any further project with his name on it shall have to be viewed with suspicion at best. The older I get, the more I feel that I am a stranger in a strange land with respect to pop culture, in particular.

    • Scott W.

      I enjoyed the Firefly series as well. Even there Joss couldn’t resist sexual titillation with the ludicrous Inara character, but otherwise it was the most digestible of his work. I couldn’t make it through Doll House three episodes before the nerd porn overload set in.

  • “it’s such a hot button issue with Planned Parenthood under constant threat and attack right now.”

    Ah, the poor dears.

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Given this is Joss Whedon, I don’t know why anyone who knows even a little about his views is the least bit surprised by this.

    I know I’m in the minority in geekdom, but I thought Firefly was a major disappointment. So much potential. So little payoff. And no, it wasn’t Fox’s fault. It was the writing.

    • Manwe

      “Given this is Joss Whedon, I don’t know why anyone who knows even a little about his views is the least bit surprised by this.”

      Exactly. Why is this news shocking at all? Did anyone here ever hear the guy’s thoughts on God?

      • bones

        Firefly’s appeal comes from it’s setting: The Reconstruction Era in Space. The characters and the stories are remarkably forgettable.

      • Not so much surprise as disappointment. It seemed to me promising in his character to proceed with something like Firefly and despite his atheism, adding a spiritual element through the preacher character. This was something we largely did not get in another popular science-fiction series which leaned heavily towards communism/collectivism save the one centered on a space station.

  • Rachel K

    Oh, man. Because the Buffy comics didn’t already suck enough. I do hope that there’ll be actual consequences to this in the comic, since Joss Whedon loves punching his characters in the face, but I don’t know if he’s intellectually honest enough to actually show that abortion has consequences.

  • I’ve written a few times on the Christian lessons that come out in some of Joss’ work, but they are always there *despite* his rather vocal atheism. Truth is truth, and it (and He) finds ways of sneaking in, even when unwanted. (My favorite example is the conversation at the end of Firefly’s “Jaynestown”. Why did that poor backwater kid step in and die for me? “It don’t make no sense.”)

    I’m curious to see what happens… Will Joss be able to maintain the lie, or is something more going to creep in – such as the consequences a few other readers mentioned?

    • Rachel K

      Joe, I’m specifically wondering how Joss is going to square this with something that sneaked into season 3 of Angel–it’s been established that in the Buffyverse, unborn babies have souls, and that the sacrificial love of a mother for her unborn child can redeem even a soulless, demonic monster. One wonders what that means for the mother sacrificing the child instead.

      • CJ

        I would guess that he doesn’t see a contradiction at all. Darla made a “choice” to sacrifice herself for Connor, and Buffy is making a “choice” to terminate. In his mind, I would venture to guess that the actions themselves aren’t inherently right or wrong, it’s all about the “choice.”

        I think we have a tendency to believe that if the other side could only see that the unborn were human beings, they’d rethink their position. Sadly, this is not the case at all. I’ve seen more than my share of comments that basically say “so what? The woman’s right to choose comes first.”

        • Rachel K

          This is true. I wonder if Joss would see any contradiction if it were pointed out to him that Darla DID try to abort Connor, repeatedly (she has a line in one episode that’s something like “I’ve tried everything I can think of to get rid of it and it hasn’t worked”), so her choice was abortion until the very last minute. Probably not.

    • Jared

      My favorite is Jasmine. I’m sure Whedon thought he was attacking Christianity (Divine being enters the world through miraculous birth in order to bring world peace. Turns out she’s evil.), but what he ended doing was showing why “the Problem of Evil” isn’t a good argument: she was creepy because she stripped everyone of their free will, not because she ate people (I honestly wish they’d left that out. She’d been a much more interesting villain without the devouring humans thing).

      As for the upcoming abortion story, it will be the same. He can’t resist putting his characters through trauma…there’s no way the Slayer is making it through this without some emotional scars.

  • CJ

    Whedon is a self-described feminist. No one should be surprised by this.

    • Exactly. This does not surprise me in the least.

  • WesleyD

    I actually have been reading all the Buffy comics up to this point. Season 8 started very strong and then went in ridiculous directions. Also, they were doing stuff that they could never have done in the TV show because Sarah Michelle Gellar would have refused to do it: Buffy having a lesbian affair, Buffy and Angel having supernatural sex for an entire issue (yes, an entire issue of a 40-issue comic series).

    Then against my own better judgment I decided to go ahead and read Season 9, which begins with Buffy getting drunk at a party and not remembering whom she slept with. And then the most recent issue (#6) ends with Buffy’s abortion decision.

    At this point I decided to give up the comic. Since I therefore no longer cared about spoilers, I went and read all the interviews with Joss and the other writers online, and it’s clear that this is a “message”, not just a plot development. Don’t expect Buffy to have any regret for the abortion. She will probably have regret for her sleeping around — and since she doesn’t know who the father is, there will surely be a plot twist when she finds out who the father is — sorry, who the father was. But clearly JW would be undermining his own message if he had Buffy regret the abortion itself.

    As a huge fan of almost everything Joss has done up to now, I was feeling a bit iffy about all the past stuff. But then I figured: hey, I still love Robert Heinlein’s early stories, even though late in life his stories were twisted propaganda for ultra-libertarianism and the joys of incest. If I throw all my old Buffy DVDs in the trash now, I’m hurting myself — not Joss. Besides, the only thing that will change the culture is dialogue, not ghettoization. Just my two cents!

  • Jon

    Raul in an earlier comment states that, “The older I get, the more I feel that I am a stranger in a strange land with respect to pop culture, in particular.”

    Isn’t that how we as followers of Jesus Christ are supposed to feel? If we are not feeling like strangers and are conforming nicely to the culture around us than perhaps it is time to set aside the pop culture and examine why that is.

    Wasn’t Abraham a stranger in the land of Canaan that God promised would someday be his? He didn’t fit there and we shouldn’t fit here. That land and culture where we will no longer be strangers is a kingdom promised to us by Christ Jesus. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and not be conforming to the culture around us.

    I am saddened by the realization that it takes things like Abortion and Gay Marriage and Torture to make me stop and examine myself and see just how much I have conformed to the culture around me and how little I have been transformed into the image of my Savior. This post and all of the comments helps me to see just how hardened and cold my heart has become.

    To illustrate: I used to watch Buffy and Angel and Firefly and rarely did anything bother me on a spiritual level. It was entertainment. Now, Buffy is having an Abortion and that makes me go, “This is not okay!” And makes me think about the TV series and realize that the show was full of the Occult, Demons, Lust, Sex, Human and Demon sex, Witchcraft, promoting the homosexual agenda and a list of others. But it is her having an abortion years later in a comic book that I don’t read that makes me cringe. Hard heart. Mind in gutter. Conformed not Transformed. May God have Mercy on me, a sinner.

  • Tony

    I don’t follow the Buffy comics. A friend of mine who used to read the comics, but gave them up because he thought they got ridiculous, wrote this when I asked him if he knew about this storyline: “for what it’s worth, from what I understand the story’s a lot more thoughtful than it might seem; Whedon’s definitely talking about unplanned pregnancy and the responsibility of parenthood being something women have to deal with, not getting drunk at a party and finding an easy fix. There was also apparently a strong pro-life argument made, as well — Buffy sought out Robin Wood to talk about his life as the child of a slayer, and his input was that while yes, his life was hard, had his mother not made the sacrifice to have him, he wouldn’t have had a life at all ( Buffy ultimately makes the decision to have the abortion not because of her status as the Slayer, but because she feels she’s not capable emotionally, financially or maturity-wise to be a responsible parent ( The two pages of this that I *have* read, which were the reveal in the story that she made the decision (and in a preview I can’t find at the moment) were actually among the best-written I’ve seen since Buffy made the jump across media, and almost made me curious enough to pick up the issue. (Almost…)”

  • Will

    “He does pretty well with fiends from Hell,
    “But lately we can tell
    “He’s just going through the motions.
    “Faking it somehow….”