Memo to Brights

Memo to Brights February 20, 2012

1. If you are going to declare yourself “Bright” be sure it is the actual quality of your intellect and not merely your incandescent arrogance people think of.

2. The way to brighten your intellect is to use it and not merely worship it. If you need a quick tip on what this might look like, just listen to Richard Dawkins “think” about religion and then do the opposite.

3. Conversely, if you want to see somebody actually using the intellect properly, swallow your incandescent arrogance and take a gander at Fr. Robert Barron, talking about Dawkins and Co. with grace and aplomb:

The New Atheism, rather like the Latest Real Jesus, is remarkably reflective of the frivolous period of time in which we live. It is, to coin a phrase, deeply shallow. Fr. Barron is right: it’s an opiate.

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