Obama Loses Catholics for the Common Good

Obama Loses Catholics for the Common Good February 9, 2012

I don’t think he’s the Machiavellian genius some people seem to think he is. I think he’s reasonably smart, but arrogant and therefore prone to the stupidity of which arrogance is the mother. It really doesn’t seem to occur to lefties in the full bloom of their “Mission to Civilize” hubris how tyrannically insufferable they can be. So they react with surprise to find out that it isn’t just bitter clingers in the flyover states with their primitive folkways who care about religious liberty, but even folks like Catholics for the Common Good and Michael Sean Winters.

Indeed, even the Church in ultraviolet blue Seattle is speaking out. Here’s good Abp. Sartain calling on the Church to resist the tyrant.

It is imperative for the blogosphere to make noise here, because the MSM is largely in the tank for Obama and is, with malice aforethought, deliberately lying to make it appear that this is merely some dumb bishops with hangups about sex trying to impose their will on defenseless people who just want health care coverage.

The amazing chutzpah of those who say, “Whether I contracept is none of your business” while holding a gun to our heads and demanding we pay for their contraceptives is truly breathtaking, particularly since they are not only robbing us, but forcing us to violate our consciences while they do it. Contraceptives are cheap as dirt and common as water. Let those who want them get them themselves and not gratuitously force those who think them immoral to pay for them. Painting this as “the Church imposing its morals” on them is like accusing the pistol-whipped victim of armed robbery of lack of charity. This is an act of war against Catholic conscience and religious liberty and a naked act of malice from the Obama Administration. There must be no compromise. It must be utterly defeated.

Update: Oops. I mistook Catholics for the Common Good (which has always been sound) with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (which was basically a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Obama campaign). Oh well. Still glad to see more people standing against our tyrannical God King’s draconian act.

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