The Church Must Embrace and Fund…

The Church Must Embrace and Fund… February 24, 2012

my Trans-Fatty Identity!!! Tolerance is not Enough. Approval is not Enough! You. MUST. Pay!

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Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart

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  • I’ve really gotta learn to not drink while I’m reading your articles!

    Steeped in sarcasm but drives the point home. Great job on your weight loss and the article!!

  • Actually, the Trans-Fatty community would have a better argument than the birth control gluttons. At least food is really necessary for life. Good job!

  • bob

    Mark doesn’t realize that to say he “used to be” heavy is a clear admission that he *never was*. It is completely determined from the womb. Embrace bigness, don’t harm yourself by presuming it can be “changed”. Self loathing doesn’t improve things, it only insults the larger population. Pancreatic oppression should not be the deciding factor in how people live their lives. The oppressor in me congratulates you, however.