The Mentality of our Ruling Class

The Mentality of our Ruling Class February 21, 2012

“Robert Creamer–Democrat strategist, Obama 2008 campaign aide, and political architect of ObamaCare–argues that the new contraceptive mandate for Catholic institutions isn’t really about equality for women, or religious liberty. Rather, it is about population control.”

Of course it is. Just as the powers and principalities are lining up to force the Church to knuckle under to the glories of homosex, so they are trying to compel the Church to capitulate to the lefty urge to impose secular totalitarianism upon it. This is about spiritual warfare. Which means the weapons of our warfare are primarily spiritual too. Politics and media combat and so forth have their place. But the main fight will be conducted in the realm of prayer, sacrifice and through the Holy Eucharist. We wrestle not with flesh and blood here and we are fools if we think the Obama Administration is the main enemy here.

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