The troll is gone

The troll is gone February 1, 2012

She was here on my sufferance. I’ve suffered enough. Since she was not interested in listening, I’m not interested in talking. (Though I must confess I enjoyed some of the rejoinders from readers to her pre-recorded messages. Dale Price, I’m looking at you.)

Since she was ostensibly all about the oppression of women, no doubt she will go to PP board and call them on the carpet for lauding forced abortion in China.

Oh, wait! Those Chinese women are not useful as human shields for the indulgence of her appetites, which is all our troll really cares about. Tough luck, Chinese women. Same for the overwhelming large number of girls who get gender-selected for abortion. Some women are more equal than others.

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  • Chris

    Aw, no more batting practice?

  • rakowskidp

    I’m still trying to determine what she intended to accomplish here.

  • Faith Roberts

    I find myself praying for her at odd moments of the day. Poor lost soul.

    • Roberto

      That should be our routine reaction. Kudos to you for doing it and may I keep that in mind for the future.

    • Glenn

      I’ve been reading about and listening to a talk given by Dr. Bernard Nathanson. His watershed moment, his epiphany, came about when he first viewed an abortion via ultrasound, which was a new technology at that time in the 70’s. I wonder if people like Reality Check have ever witnessed an abortion, e.g., watched Dr. Nathanson’s “Silent Scream” video. Nathanson was a hard-core atheist and cold, factual scientist at the time, but that imagery affected him deeply, so much so that he stopped performing abortions shortly thereafter.

  • Will

    “The wicked troll!”

    I am wondering if “she” is a Serdar-Argic bot.

  • Margaret

    It was instructive having her here, in an odd way. I’m still trying to figure out if the whole “Forced Birther” thing was posturing or a true reflection of how she sees the world, though…

  • Faith Roberts

    The forced birther thing was funny. It reminded me of my daughter, when she was about three. It was the day of her birthday but for some reason she decided she didn’t want to turn 4. She was sobbing about it. So I said, to comfort her, well honey, everybody has to grow up. And she said, very indignantly, ‘that’s not fair!’

    I mean really! To force her to grow up! It’s an injustice!

    • Margaret

      My four-year-old was verybent out of shape over having to “give up” being four last fall and turn five. 🙂

  • I must’ve missed her. I know that I have little tolerance for the linguistic violence that pro-aborts use, and I probably should do better. But it’s difficult, because defending abortion-on-demand seems to me a lot like defending Auschwitz or slavery, and I have practically the same reaction as someone would who defended the latter evils. It’s like, “Oh, you have no idea who you are and what you are talking about.”

  • “I’m still trying to determine what she intended to accomplish here.”

    Mark’s blog was a rocky place on which her seed could find no purchase.

    • Michaelus

      But did she look as fertile as the Tennessee Valley I wonder? H.I. McDunnough ..abides…..

      • ds

        Now y’all without sin can cast the first stone.

  • Jack

    rats, there goes a good source of free comedy

  • Brett Powers

    Just kinda thinking out loud here, but “Reality Check” is also the name of a blogsite “dedicated to reproductive justice” (or some such nonsense) that Amanda Marcotte (the former web-manager for John Edwards, before she was disgraced out of the job for maniacally berserk writing, and this occurred before HE was disgraced. . . but I digress) writes for on a semi-regular basis. And I must say that the tone of “Reality Check”‘s language is very similar to Marcotte. Very similar. I had tangled with her years ago on before I got banned (no shame there), and I was definitely flashing back to those battles in reading her trolling on the Komen post.

    • “maniacally berserk writing”….

      Hmmm…I think you may be onto something there…

    • Dan F.

      The plot sickens! (I mean thickens!).

      I just wandered over to Pandagon to see for myself and lo and behold what do I find but a blog post by Marcotte which reads in part <blockquote cite="[pro-life activists hate women, think women are witches and are stuck in the middle ages] and instead of condemning witches to the stake, they simply want to keep them from doing their jobs, and allowing the other witches, i.e. women whose sexual choices they disapprove of, suffer from various afflications ranging from forced childbirth to death from cervical cancer as a warning to others to stay away from the devil’s playground of sexual pleasure.”>

      Sound familiar?

      • Dan F.

        Also, I apparently suck at HTML tags so if anyone wants to point out what I did wrong, I’d appreciate it.

      • Rosemarie


        Either she’s “Reality Check” or that blog might be the source of the troll’s moniker and talking points.

        • frenchcookingmama

          Either her blog or Shakesville. Everything the troll wrote was a Greatest Hits of what the latter stands for.

          (I temporarily disabled my blog link because even though I haven’t posted on it in a while, I really don’t want to go there and find trillions of posts calling me an “anti choice womyn hater. I haven’t forgotten what happened to Stacy Trasnacos.)

          • Never mind…after I typed that, duh, trolls can get there via older posts.

            I made it tougher for trolls to get through, since WP doesn’t have a disable all comments option.

  • Chris M

    It’s really too bad she was entirely unable to engage with the many cogent arguments placed against her bumper sticker sloganeering. It would have been nice to see an actual discussion taking place instead of NARAL talking points being hurled.

    I guess it’s too much to expect on the internet.

  • Joe

    Is it too late to say I was right about the troll?

  • Confederate Papist

    It’s too bad she didn’t listen to the good people on here that had told her they were praying for her.

    I hope she changes her thinking…..she seems very scorned.

  • Dale Price

    I live to serve.

    She kept serving up hanging curve balls, and I kept swinging. It’s my nature.

  • Marthe Lépine

    My 2-cents: The kind of language she used sounded to me like the cry of a very wounded person, maybe even a cry for help. To those here who have mentioned praying for her: You are certainly correct. Let’s all do it for a moment, and I would even suggest to Mark to add one of his excellent prayers (written after each and every prayer request sent to him even if he is busy) at the end of his post.

  • Richard C.

    “The troll is gone”: didn’t BB King write that?

  • Joseph

    Is that the one chick who referred to her own mother as a mere human incubator?

  • She needs prayers. She’s fallen for that “it’s our body and we can do whatever we want with it with whoever” garbage.

    The people who feed impressionable young people with this tripe never realize that “freedom tastes of reality” – the Who.

    Can’t have one without the other, which they try mightily to deny.

    • Beadgirl

      It’s not just that. They get so caught up in wanting to address the very real issues and biases facing women that they turn a blind eye to what abortion actually is. I should know — I did that for years. As I’ve said before in a bunch of places, my reasons for being pro-choice are still there, I just no longer think killing babies is the way to address them.

      I wish more pro-choice women would listen long enough to let us show them that there are many other ways to help women who are pregnant. And I wish the more conservative and/or libertarian folks on the pro-life side would realize that we have an obligation to help these women, no matter how they got pregnant.

  • *“I’m still trying to determine what she intended to accomplish here.”*

    It is a cry for help from someone who dare not cry for it.

    • Marthe Lépine

      You are right. Actually, i think that she “deserves” that some of us take the time to say a Rosary for her…

      • S. Murphy

        Marthe, yes, you, Faith and Pavel have the right idea. I have a sister, and a lot of friends, who more or less believe that line of thinking. They’re still family. They deserve our prayers.

    • rakowskidp

      Thank you, Pavel. I believe you’re right. Her words were those of a deeply wounded soul.

  • Hezekiah Garrett


    You visited pandagon. HTML isn’t your problem!

  • Rachel K

    She certainly needs prayers. I have more than one friend who can get to sound a lot like R.C. when really wound up–women with genuine compassion for other women, especially the poor, who couldn’t come up with a systemic thought if their lives depended on it. As with all evil, there’s misguided good there.

    That said, I meant what I said in a previous post–I envy her the amount of free time she must have to be able to waste it trolling. I’m guessing college student?

  • Amy

    This is off topic a bit; but I’m wondering if you or anyone you know has been blocked by the National Catholic Register? They don’t seem to do a very good job of monitoring the posts (particularly those posts that appear in the combox of the guest bloggers). I believe that I was blocked because I complained about it.