Things We Are Not Supposed to Know

Things We Are Not Supposed to Know February 24, 2012

Second Place. Interesting! You’d never know it from the coverage.

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  • James

    Real Clear Politics has him in last place in delegates with only 20? Maybe if you ignore all the “non-binding” caucuses ?

  • Tominellay

    Yes, he’s collecting delegates, and he’s certainly electable. Come on, folks – let’s do this!

    • I was kind of hoping that this would remain unknown, but if it helps prove the point that he’s electable…

    • ds

      he’s certainly electable

      • At the very least, I think Paul and Romney are the most electable. I know quite a few Dems who are active in the effort to get Ron Paul elected. Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that could match or beat Obama in the youth vote.

        I know exactly zero Dems who are supporting Santorum or Gingrich. Believe it or not, balancing the budget, and a more restrained view on war in general and Iran in particular, is a winning combination.

      • Joseph

        I think the only one who would be able to “debate” Obama would be Ron Paul. Romney is a carbon copy of Obama; Santorum agrees with Obama on war for Empire, torture, etc. and doesn’t really articulate his understanding of Church teaching with regard to abortion/contraception/gay marriage (he doesn’t use science, nature, and reason in his arguments… just “the Bible says so” or “I’m a staunch Catholic”).

        Paul’s mind moves faster than his mouth sometimes and it causes him to stumble over words, but he can think systematically and, in his arguments against abortion, he sounds more Catholic than Santorum.

        That said, if I were to vote for anyone, I’d be leaning toward Paul. Is he electable? I’m not sure. I don’t think that the majority of Americans are very smart, even if they hold degrees at prestigious universities. They are all products of the “self-esteem” teachings of the public schools which includes tenets such as, “you’re opinion is valid, regardless of how ignorant of science or history it is and how unreasonable it is”. So, they can listen to what Paul systematically explains regarding abortion then turn around and say, “yeah, but science is just another man’s Bible” or “well, that’s your science, not mine” or, the infamous, “we’ll just have to agree to disagree”.

        Since most Americans are raised on mass media, which contains all of the necessary propaganda that has made this country what it is today, they are unable to think reasonably. They have a love/hate relationship with celebrity; that is, they ridicule and mock celebrity while at the same time worshipping it (go to lunch with co-workers some time, the conversation always falls to the lowest common denominator, “so, have you seen this movie/television show?”). Paul isn’t good looking. He’s old, he isn’t eloquent, and he has a Texas accent. No matter what his message is, he’s not “cool” enough to be elevated to the most popular seat of National Prom King in our nation by their vote. Nerds never win Prom King… not unless it’s a conspiratorial joke.

  • TheRealAaron

    The brilliant (non political) comic “Cul de Sac” unintentionally sums up this year’s election season:

  • Elaine S.

    “if you ignore all the ‘non binding’ caucuses”

    It appears to me that the RCP chart has included those in the delegate count for all candidates including Paul.

    If I understand this correctly, the RNC insisted on having a longer primary season this time around and didn’t want everything wrapped up before Super Tuesday (March 6), so they penalized states that insisted on scheduling GOP primaries “too early” by taking away half their delegates. FL, SC, NH, and MI have been so penalized (though that does not explain why, according to the RCP chart, MI would be penalized and not AZ when both are voting on the same day). That is also the reason the MO primary (which Santorum won handily) was a non-binding “beauty contest” only and the actual delegate allocation has to wait until a March 17 caucus (to avoid the delegate penalty). The bottom line is that you can’t count anyone out, including Paul, just yet.