This Explains Better Than I’ve Been Able to

This Explains Better Than I’ve Been Able to February 13, 2012

Why it seems to me obvious that Obama has declared war on the Church.

I will take cynical exploitive indifference from the GOP over naked hostility from secular messianic Improvers any day.

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  • Scott

    Amen brother. Good article!

  • Kirt Higdon

    Given a choice, I’d take naked hostility to cynical exploitation; it’s more honest. But I really don’t have to support either and don’t intend to.

    • Faith

      I disagree. You can’t even talk to someone who is that hostile. They want you gone. But if someone is trying to work with you even if to exploit you, there’s a chance for a dialogue.

      • Not sure I agree with Kirt, but I definitely see where he’s coming from. You may not be able to have a conversation, but at least you know it. You know it’s a fight.

        With cynical exploiters, you may not be sure whether your words are part of a conversation or part of a fight. There’s a value in the clarity.

        That said, it’s slightly easier to pressure and manipulate cynical exploiters than it is outright enemies.

        Ultimately, I don’t trust either major party. Nor have I found a minor or “third” party that appears trustworthy. Catholics are without a natural home, politically speaking.

        The best solution I see is to refuse to accept these lousy candidates being put forth and to start forming and supporting good and talented people to run for office – probably starting locally.

  • Faith

    The comments are so scary. This is at the American Conservative? And most of the comments are pro HHS and anti Catholic? Are they infiltrated with trolls?

    • Confederate Papist

      “Are they infiltrated with trolls?”

      I was wondering the same thing! I can’t believe the contempt directed towards the church in most of the comboxes I read.

      Now granted, I didn’t read them all, but the invective directed towards the Church and the bishops is staggering! One “Megan”, who says she now has contempt for the Church, makes this who situation sound like the Church just suddenly brought this on….and she’s not the only one.

      Either they were trolls or they are products of the federal government educational system that perfers kool-aid over pure clean water.

  • Scott W.

    “Are they infiltrated with trolls?”

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    That a citizen has the right to purchase contraceptives does not entail that he/she has the right to send someone else the bill. Reproductive rights” are no more impaired by such a third-party refusal to pay than “digestive rights” would be if they failed to pay your Weight Watchers dues. Even if “obesity” is rebranded as a “disease” or “epidemic.”

    It’s legal to buy pork chops; but should the government compel Jewish organizations to serve them in the cafeteria for their protein value? Gun ownership is legal, but should the government compel Quaker meetings to provide a free ammo through an employee plan because of the 2nd Amendment?. Would it matter if some Jews have tried pork or some Quakers had gun licenses?

    But YOS (I hear you say) what about Poor Women? Should not someone else pay for their condoms or Pills? Well, that takes us back to the founding principles of the Birth Control movement: the reproduction of undesirables. Way too many of You; not enough of Me.

    And the “98% of Catholic women” meme is even worse, statistically speaking.

    • Confederate Papist

      YOS….good points.

      The “98% of Catholic women” a such a bullshit argument and the media plays that up whenever it can. Whether it’s 98%, 100%, 1000000000% or 50% of Catholic women, who cares? The’s.wrong.

      The Catholic Church was not formed by a consensus, if it were, there would be no Catholic Church…

      • dpt

        Actually. I recall most Catholics supported Bush’s Iraq war in the beginning. Should the Pope and bishops changed their stance then? Most Catholics support the death penalty. Should the Pope and bishops cease speaking out against it.

        I recall a public poll a couple thousand years ago, and the verdict was “Crucify him!”

  • Chris

    “Pregnancy: The Other Cancer”

  • Jack

    Anti-Catholicism never really stopped in America. There has been an awkward silence as the haters considered how to rule us while appearing fair, and we in our dumbfoundedness knew not what to say in response. Now the gloves are off and the old hate is de rigeur within their circles. Welcome back to Catholicism. The freeing truth that the world loves to hate.

  • brian martin

    I will take outright open honest hostility over the disingenuous spreading of gobs of male bovine fecal matter by the political right who use religion to get votes and then set their beliefs aside while in office…or perhaps orifice is a better term considering the frequent scandals.

    • Scott W.

      I seriously doubt any Republican sits down and thinks, “muahaha! Watch as I tell my religious allies a bunch of nonsense and then I’ll screw them to the wall” Rather, I think most are at least sympathetic, but just can’t see past the political game and end up not having the stomach for real work.

      I think the overtly hostile vs. cynical exploiters is a false dilemma. It is rather overtly hostile vs. decent-but-feckless. I’ll take decent-but-feckless as I think you sometimes kick them into doing the right thing.

      • brian martin

        I guess I am more cynical than you. A good share of them trot it out as a talking point during election years and never consider it after.

  • freddy
  • Peggy R

    Sure. Two more things. 1. Recall last fall the NYT published an article that said the Dems were going to abandon the white working class, which for some reason is still quite conflated with white Catholics.

    2. I just came across this video of Obama, not sure of the date, but pre-election for sure. He talks about teh Church and state. He says religious leaders must not promote public policy on doctrine but on realism and “wisdom” (whatever that means). He explicitly cites that “most” Catholic women contracept, so Catholic bishops’ citing doctrine means nothing to him. He had no intention of caving to the bishops. He thinks they’re wrong. At about 3 min:55 sec. It’s only 4:15 mins if you want to see it all…

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Having read the article, I want to know: What is a “meritocratic BoBo hoop?”

    And where can I get one?

    • Joseph

      LOL. I was thinking the same thing!

  • Charlotte

    Here’s the deal with the 98%.

    “The survey was limited to women between 15-44. Ah, well, that explains how we weren’t including the elderly, but it also means that the silly “percent of all Catholic women” thing should be chucked out right from the beginning. More strikingly, as Neil pointed out to me after looking up the study, it excluded any women who were a) not sexually active, where that is defined as having had sexual intercourse in the past three months (there go all the nuns), b) postpartum, c) pregnant, or d) trying to get pregnant! In other words, the study was specifically designed (as the prose discussion on p. 8 makes explicit, in bold print) to include only women for whom a pregnancy would be unintended and who are “at risk” of becoming pregnant. Whether or not it included women who considered themselves neither trying nor not trying to get pregnant (there are some such women in the world) is unclear. It’s also unclear whether it included women who have had their reproductive organs removed because of some medical problem. Presumably the study was intended to exclude women in both of these categories, as neither would count as a woman “at risk of an unintended pregnancy.”

  • L

    I agree with Grogan. This Obama-voting Democrat Catholic has had quite crazy a few weeks. Basically, I just can’t trust him again.

    On a further note, no I won’t be voting Republican for all the reasons I didn’t vote Republican last time. Just because I can’t vote Democrat doesn’t mean I suddenly love the Republicans. It also doesn’t mean I regret my vote in 2008. I carefully looked at all the issues and selected my candidate after praying and reading Catholic teaching. Other may disagree, but I made my prudential judgment and did my best and the rest is for God to judge. The suggestions that people like me may just discover a new-found love for Santorum or Paul are kind of funny—it’s not going to happen. I do know people who have gone right back to Obama after the compromise, but all of them are more skeptical and less trusting than before, which is a start, I guess.

    Thanks for being a place where people like me are welcomed. The issue with Catholicism is often the same—I may be a faithful Catholic, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy every article in Crisis magazine or want to pray outside a Planned Parenthood. It’s not wrong for others, but it’s not where God calls me right now. It can be hard to find a place to fit in. The suggestion I read on one or two blogs that I need to reconsider because my vote for Obama may have been a sin after all is one of the most annoying—no one, not even those who never trusted Obama, could have predicted the future, even though many people seem to think that they did indeed see this exact issue coming. Thanks for putting the Catholic first in your blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

    • Confederate Papist

      You can’t change the past….so don’t let anyone give you grief about what has already happened. You can guide your future, however and your honesty is appreciated. I am sure there are many, many just like you.

      I felt the same way one the “other” side of the aisle which is why I burned my GOP card and never looked back.

      • I like Ron Paul a lot, but other than that (and I think the GOP establishment basically hates Paul nearly as much as Obama anyway), I think both parties need to be consigned to the dust heap.

        The number of people who’ve seen through the bankruptcy of ideas and integrity in the two parties is growing exponentially, but exactly what will come in its place is unknown. A party based (though not explicitly) on Catholic social teaching would be just the thing. I just hope our country is around long enough to see it come to fruition.

      • Sage

        “Just because I can’t vote Democrat doesn’t mean I suddenly love the Republicans.”

        There’s a saying that Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. You don’t have to luuuurrrrrrve someone to vote for him, and you might even despise him.

        “no one, not even those who never trusted Obama, could have predicted the future”

        Except all those people who didn’t trust Obama and therefore did accurately predict the future. I’m frankly stunned after everything that was said before the election about his pro-abortion radicalism, after everything that was said about his health care agenda, after all his flamboyant promises to overturn the Mexico City policy on day one (promise kept!), that anybody has the gall to claim that “nobody could have seen this coming.” Lots of people screamed until they were blue in the face. That doesn’t make voting for Obama a sin, and I wouldn’t dare make that accusation. But let’s not pretend that nobody predicted what his agenda would be like, nor what means he would be willing to employ to effect it. Whole books were written on the subject, citing lots of facts and stuff. We all knew, or should have known.

    • Noah D

      no one, not even those who never trusted Obama, could have predicted the future, even though many people seem to think that they did indeed see this exact issue coming.

      I urge you to search for two phrases here in this blog: ‘what could it hurt?’ and ‘how could we have known?’

  • L

    Thanks, all. I’ve never commented on a blog before but I’ve been reading a lot in the last few weeks and I thought maybe I could help give a little bit of the perspective of someone experiencing a pretty bad case of whiplash.

    As far as predicting the future goes, well, of course I knew he was pro-abortion, but I think as time goes on, it’s easy to forget how totally unprecedented Obama’s action is. Forcing Catholics to commit an intrinsically evil act or get out of the public square has never happened before. While I am sure a few people anticipated this, it was certainly not to be expected. For example, I knew George W. Bush would be pro unjust war, but I never anticipated secret prisons in foreign countries specifically to torture people. I didn’t vote for Bush, but if you had told me he might do that in 2000, I would have thought you were crazy and I think most people would have agreed with me. However, I’m sure some lefty somewhere wasn’t surprised at all and was happy to say “I told you so.” It’s not a perfect analogy, but I guess I am learning that no president should surprise me anymore. At the same time, I don’t want to become a doomsayer, expecting the worst of everyone, like so many on the far left and far right. That is hardly a joyful, Christ-like way to approach the world.

    I probably won’t vote for president this year.

    I think I can speak for many faithful Catholic Obama voters when I say I feel angry, disappointed, you name it, at being politically played and used. At the end of the day, the White House tallied up the numbers and decided my vote wasn’t worth it. Most people with my views about contraception coverage probably already vote Republican and apparently those of us who don’t are so few in number as to be politically useless. From now on, I think I’m with Mark-no more voting for the lesser of two evils. No more voting for evil at all.

    Thanks for letting me get this all of my chest. I feel better already. 🙂

    • Stay engaged. Be locally active.

      The problem with both political parties is that they are not “pure” for Catholics. I daresay they are both responsible for the modern problems the Church in the USA is experiencing.

      They both took nuggets of Catholic teaching and twisted it to their own ideologies (Social Justice is an example for the lefties, Just War for the righties) and now have divided our people….some of whom went willingly.

      I don’t know the answer here. I do know that the US Federal governmental system has failed and failed badly. The problem is we are all to blame for it’s failure because we, the people went from caring about our freedoms and liberty to caring about how we can game the system for our own benefits.