Tyrant King Attempts Head Fake

Tyrant King Attempts Head Fake February 10, 2012

He’s trying to appear to “accomodate” while giving no real ground to religious liberty–and continuing his war on the Church.

Yuval Levin, a bioethicist at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a Washington, D.C. think tank, issued a critique of what he believes will be the president’s plan –though the details of the “accommodation” has not yet been released. Levin issued this judgment on the National Review website this morning:

“If I understand the White House announcement correctly, their newly proposed rule would not actually change the moral circumstances at issue in any way.

“It puts religious employers in the position of having to choose between providing their workers with free (to the workers) access to contraceptives and abortifacient drugs or not providing those workers with health insurance at all (and also paying a large fine). The only difference is that the access to those contraceptive and abortifacient drugs would not technically be listed as one of the benefits the employer was paying for directly but would be listed as a benefit the insurer was paying for (with the money the employer paid for the broader insurance policy, of course). But employers who offer insurance don’t pay for individual benefits and products when they are provided anyway, they pay for the policy that gives their workers access to those benefits and products when they want them.
Levin concludes, “What ground is the administration giving in this compromise? And how is it any less a violation of religious liberty?”

Don’t be a sucker. No compromise. This assault on religious liberty must be utterly defeated and salt sowed in its smoldering ashes. This man is an enemy of the Church and is acting with malice.

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