Vote for ME early! Vote for ME often!

Vote for ME early! Vote for ME often! February 24, 2012

As it is written:

Dear Finalists in the 2012 About Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards:

Please read this e-mail carefully. There is important information listed below.

Before we get to that, however, I would like to thank everyone who honored my request to respect Ash Wednesday by not announcing/promoting your finalist status until 12:00 A.M. EST today. Your cooperation proved that we’re all in this together, for the promotion of the Catholic Faith that we all love, rather than for our own self-promotion. No matter who wins in each category, in the end that is what matters.

That said, we still have a contest to compete in, and I hope you’re all looking forward to the next four weeks! Here is some important information and some links that you should keep close at hand:

1.‘s Readers’ Choice Awards FAQ:

Feel free to e-mail me at any time with questions about the process, but please read the FAQ first, because you may find the answer there.

2. Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards Finalists:

In this multipage doc, you will find each of the 10 categories, with descriptions of each of the five finalists in each category and a link to the voting doc for each category. While, in your promotions, you can link directly to the voting doc (more on that in #3), PLEASE also include a link to this overview. Even if you are a finalist in only one category, your readers may be interested in the other categories as well. If everyone links to this overview, that will bring more readers to each of the voting docs, and that means more potential votes for you/your product.

3. The 10 Voting Pages:

Feel free to link directly to any voting page, not simply for categories in which you are a finalist. If you like finalists in other categories, feel free
to campaign for them as well. PLEASE encourage your supporters to check out all of the categories, not just simply ones in which you are a finalist. The point of these awards is to bring ALL of these good people/products/organizations to the attention of Catholics worldwide, not just your own.

Some additional things to remember:

1. Any attempt to exchange goods or services for votes will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

2. Your supporters can vote once per day in each category on every day of the voting period. Voting ends March 21 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Encourage your supporters to come back every day and to vote in each category.

3. The restriction of one vote per day per category is enforced on the server side; if voters try to vote more than once, the vote will not be counted, and they will get a message telling them that. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your supporters violating the rule and putting your chance of winning in jeopardy.

4. Every voting page offers your supporters multiple opportunities to share the page with their friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage them to do so; that will spread the word more widely and bring in more votes for you/your product/your organization.

Best of luck to all you! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Scott P. Richert

Guide to Catholicism

I can’t help notice that, while goods and services cannot be offered in bribery, the rules laid down by the just, wise, handsome and holy Mr. Richert say nothing about flattery–or the promise of some future bribes once the contest is over. Message received, Mr. Richert. And may I say that both you and my awesome, good-looking readers are pretty much the pinnacle of taste and class in the entire human race and that you all deserve a rich reward when you do the right thing. I’m sure you know what I mean (wink, wink).

Have a good weekend everybody! You are all fantastic people! And be assured that I will adhere strictly to the contest rules and say that I am offering nobody any bribes as I urge you to save America and wester civilization by voting for me–or the terrorists have already won.

Back Monday!

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