A Chestertonian Reason for Hope

A Chestertonian Reason for Hope March 30, 2012

The Roman Catholic Church in America has become what the Anglican Church once was in Britain: the Republican Party on its knees. – garden variety Vox Nova combox denizen


Our bishops are the Democratic Party at Prayer. – Michael Voris


And I would simply note with regard to the bishops that they never supported health care reform to begin with. – Lying Obama Stooge Jay Carney


The bishops totally supported Obamacare and are the stooges of a Muslim president who was not born in America! – The sober and judicious Steve Kellmeyer


The increasingly polar lunacy of the people attacking our bishops gives me hope that our episcopal leadership has finally turned the corner from being the hapless bench of bishops who misgoverned the Church ten years ago. A lot of that crowd are gone now and the new guys seem to actually get it, judging from their gutsy response to the Tyrant in the White House. It is therefore only natural that as they start to get with the gospel and not with the institutional stupidity of their predecessors, extremists are going to behave toward them according to the anti-logic Chesterton describes: “If you hear a thing being accused of being too tall and too short, too red and too green, too bad in one way and too bad also in the opposite way, then you may be sure that it is very good.”

Gives me hope.

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