Another Ghastly Horror from the Dutch Church

Another Ghastly Horror from the Dutch Church March 20, 2012

Young men “treated” for homosexuality in the 50s, by castration, at a Dutch Catholic hospital, apparently in reprisal for accusing priests of abuse. Evidently the Dutch state gave approval for it.

Hideous. What I want to know is a) who did it and b) how much of this was done under the cover of Up-To-Date and Progressive Medicine. This was, after all, the era of the lobotomy, syphilis experiments on black people, and radiation experiments on soldiers and civilians and it was the Forward Thinking Eugenics types, not the backward savages of orthodoxy who tended to love mutilating “defectives” for the sake of Normal People.

Another thing to note: the conclusion of the story is not, “…and so the Catholic Church adopted a worldwide policy of sterilization for homosexuals”. Clearly we are looking at an isolated set of circumstances. For that, let us at least be grateful. But it should never have happened at all.

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