Daniel Nichols Laments…

Daniel Nichols Laments… March 9, 2012

The Left and Right and their Self-Deception.

On a curiously related note, I am often struck by how similar the Left and Right are when, relieved of the burden of having to shout each other down as the incarnation of evil in the universe, they turn to discussion of their own leaders. Both are filled with disgust for them. Both are convinced that The Other Side are Machiavellian evil geniuses while their own leaders are boobs who are missing every opportunity to deal a death blow to their opponents. Both are motivated by some passionate love for some truly good things.

And both are completely convinced the bishops are obviously in league with The Other Side and that the Church is clearly to be ignored on almost everything except the tiny spectrum of moral teachings (concern for the poor if you are Lefty, concern about “life issues” if you are a righty) that happens to fit The Party Agenda.

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