Gay Brownshirts on the March!

Gay Brownshirts on the March! March 14, 2012

Bullying priests and congregation in the middle of Mass for failure to acclaim homosex as the highest form of all human endeavor in the universe. No doubt he was driven to it by the outrage of people having different opinions from his. What is the world coming to when people are allowed to disagree with homosexuals and even state their disagreement publicly?

"I have only one quarrel with this, Mark: it's 'eviscerate,' not 'evicerate' :-)"

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  • I know that complaints about double standards get old but seriously, if a Catholic priest had shown up at a gay “wedding” and started lambasting people he would be lynched in the media and possibly literally.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    The man with the camera was an intolerant bully. Why does he fell he has the right to interrupt a Mass or, indeed,anyone’s worship service? I’m glad the priest didn’t play along

  • Richard M

    Fr. Z is right: this is a foretaste of more to come.

    If you’re a priest, you need to start thinking about how you will handle such disruptions – if you haven’t already. If you’re a bishop, you need to start talking with your priests about how to handle it. Have a plan. Work it out with your ushers.

    Because what’s happening in Britain now will be happening here very soon. There are any number of marriage referendums coming down the pike, and the Church is one of the most visible forces against same-sex marriage in most states.

    • Ted Seeber

      And if not with your ushers- talk to your Knights of Columbus, who are sworn to protect and defend the priest in these situations.

  • Despite being a moderate liberal, I have to agree with this. People try to paint homosexuality as if it were skin color, when it’s not. Skin color is how you look, while homosexuality is a behaviour, so saying that you disagree with people being of a certain skin color is one of the most awful things you could say because it is as if saying you disagree with people having brown hair, it is ridiculous, while saying you disagree with homosexuality is not because you are diagreeing with a certain behaviour. For example, certainly eating at McDonald’s is not a crime or even a sin, but you are clearly allowed to express your disagreement with people eating fast food.