Lefties! You *must* vote for Obama!

Lefties! You *must* vote for Obama! March 30, 2012

because otherwise you will get a dreaded Bush-style Republican back when Obama is so very radically much different from and an improvement over Bush 43.

Oh. Wait. Actually, when it comes to our wars of Empire Obama is indistinguishable from Bush.

Me: I will vote for some doomed quixotic candidate who doesn’t ask me to endorse grave intrinsic evil. I suggest lefties and conservatives do likewise. You might be surprised at how close you guys are when you stop sacrificing your opposition to abortion and torture and unjust war to Party demands for Unit Cohesion and start voting with an eye on the widow’s mite and not on power. It’s not like your vote is going to matter anyway, so why not spend it on something that will not fill you with regret later on? Lefties, as much as righties, are disappointed with Obama, so why keep supporting him? If you are a Catholic lefty, Obama has made it clear he is the enemy of your Church. Does he personally have to stick his finger in your eye before you’ll stop backing him? One would think that having a Vox Nova would mean voicing something new, rather than regurgitating excuses for Bush 44.

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