Living in Hope vs. Encouraging Faction and Despair

Living in Hope vs. Encouraging Faction and Despair March 6, 2012

Here is a priest–part of the rising generation of passionate evangelists–who speaks with confidence in God against the powers and principalities. He inspires me.

And here is Michael Voris, fresh from calling the poor “parasites” and informing us that only Catholics should be allowed to vote, taking the opportunity of the gravest challenge to religious liberty in over a century to what? Rally the faithful to the defense of the Church?

No. To attack and backbite the bishops who are attempting to fight this threat.

God knows the episcopacy in this country has needed to cowboy up and make some changes. But in case Voris hasn’t noticed, it’s not 2002 anymore. Now they are starting to do it because a lot of the old guard is gone and being replaced by bishop with some spine. Every single bishop has chosen to confront the Obama Administration on this. They are doing the right thing. So what earthly good is it for Voris to choose this moment to encourage his followers to bayonet them from the rear?

None. But it does, of course, throw that red meat to the subscribers and confirm them in their semi-Donatist pride as Real Catholics[TM]. Once again, the cult of celebrity is poison.

I’ll take guys like the priest above any day.

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