PP Leader Relieved to Find Out What She Opposes

PP Leader Relieved to Find Out What She Opposes March 14, 2012

A reader writes:

I thought you might take interest in a quote from this morning’s edition of the Seattle Times. It crystalizes how out of touch the elite level pro-choicers are. She spends years fighting informed consent laws without even knowing how ultra sounds work, and then is glad it’s invasive because until then she couldn’t figure out how to “message” her disapproval to us ordinary dumb folk.

Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, said that after years of lobbying legislators on similar bills, she didn’t know the ultrasound would be a vaginal one until a colleague at the National Women’s Law Center informed her the first week of the session.

Keene said she encouraged state Sen. Ralph Northam, a doctor who was asked to oppose the bill in the Senate on behalf of Democrats, to talk about how women would need a vaginal probe.

Until then, she said, “We had a hard time messaging why it was bad.”

Evil loves darkness. Murder Inc. and its tools have always opposed knowledge and information when it comes to abortion. It’s the same mentality, by the way, that everybody who is committed to grave evil always embraces. Darkness, fog, the passive voice, euphemism, fuzzy speech: all these are the friends of those who wish to deceive you into supporting or excusing sin whether it is murder, torture, theft, adultery or some other monstrous crime.

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