Romanists… March 29, 2012

don’t think for ourselves.

You know how we papists are: credulously believing every cock and bull story the Church tells us.

Bible-believing Christians, conversely, don’t rely on oral tradtion or ridiculous rumors and only trade in sober, solid, reliable fact. Because of this, they would never dream of violating the commandment against bearing false witness against their neighbor or believing, sight unseen, something utterly ridiculous. Case in point:

The Horrifying Pagan Mystery of the Sinister Evil Pine Cone!

Pine Cones are common in Roman Catholic architecture and sacred decorations.

By now, you should be persuaded that Roman Catholicism utilizes the Pine Cone just as many Pagan religions in history have done. We are now accumulating many instances where Catholicism has incorporated many, many elements of Pagan practices within their doctrines, rituals, art and architecture. We have noted the following other Pagan practices within Catholicism.

RC100 Bent Crucifix — We show that Pope Paul VI began the practice of using a Bent Crucifix during his many ceremonies, rather than the traditional Catholic Crucifix depicting a straight cross and full figure of Jesus Christ. This Bent Crucifix was invented in the 6th Century by Satanists to be their symbol of Antichrist. So the pertinent question is, “Why is the Most Holy Pope, John Paul II, continuing to use this Bent Crucifix? Why is he holding up before his faithful a symbol of Antichrist”?

RC109 Queen of Heaven — The Virgin Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven in Roman Catholic doctrine, literature, and art. Yet, God physically destroyed Israel in the Old Testament because they were worshipping the “Queen of Heaven”, who just so happened to be Semiramis, the Virgin Mother of Babylonian Satanic Mysteries. The Divine Son was Tammuz.

RC111, RC111a, RC111b — Purgatory is shown to be a Pagan invention, and not Biblical in any way, shape, or form. The Pagans invented Purgatory as a means to make money by charging the living for prayers to get their loved ones out of this “temporary” place of torment as quickly as possible!

RC113, Mass Shown To Be Un-Biblical — We demonstrate that, not only is the practice of the Mass not provided by Scripture, but is also forbidden in Scripture! In fact, the Mass may be the most despicable of all Catholic rituals, in the eyes of God.

RC115, Rosary — We show that Jesus Christ forbade praying a prayer like the Rosary demands. Further, we demonstrate that the Rosary originated in the Babylonian Satanic Mysteries.

RC122, Priest A Witch — We share with you the revelations made by a former Black Magick witch that the priest fulfills the same role in Catholic services as a witch fulfills in a coven ceremony.

RC123, Auricular Confession — We demonstrate that the Bible never tells anyone to confess their sins to any other person than Jesus Christ. Further, we show that Auricular Confession was invented in the Babylonian Satanic Mysteries.

Postmoderns think the High Middle Ages were the Age of Faith and we now live in the Age of Reason. In fact, the High Middle Ages were the Age of Faith and Reason. Ours is the Age of Gossip and Credulity.

Don’t believe it? How often have you seen a television program dedicated to the works of Thomas Aquinas vs. a TV progam dedicated to Ancient Aliens, Fear, or Jiggle, and the all-important task of selling beer and shampoo thereby. We are a culture that is *petrified* of thinking for itself.

Update: I’ve replaced the (I am happy to report) hoax about the Easter Egg book. Turns out it comes from the Landover Baptist site, a spoof site dedicated to lampooning some of the silliness found in fringe Christian circles. It’s ironic that I thought it was a real fringe Christian book, of course. D’oh!. But as the pine cone link above makes clear, the reason the hoax worked is because you run into stuff like this all the time from people who inform you that mitres are hats dedicated to Dagon the Philistine Fish God or who write you (always anonymously) to repeat the legend recounted in some chain email they got that the Mass is a Babylonian Mystery Cult–just before they shout “learn to think for yourself”.

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