The Real Criminals Will Never Be Charged

The Real Criminals Will Never Be Charged March 14, 2012

…in the mass murder in Afghanistan. These would be the members of our Ruling Class who sent a brain-injured soldier back into battle for yet another tour of duty (his fourth!)and all the stresses it entailed, rather than give him an honorable discharge, a huge thank you, and all the rest and therapy he needed after his injury.

Our troops are flesh and blood, not movie action figures. Sending this valiant and deeply self-sacrificial all volunteer force back into battle again and again and again and again in order to maintain the empire–and in such a massive exercise in futility as our Afghan experiment in nation-building–is the real crime here. Something like this was bound to happen.

So now even the Afghanis want us gone. So why are we still there?

Leave Afghanistan. Now.

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