You now live in a country…

You now live in a country… March 12, 2012

where Soylent Green Pepsi is made using cannibalized babies and Caesar says that’s ordinary business. (Note: “made using”, not “made with”). Pepsi doesn’t actually contain aborted fetal tissue. So that makes it all okay for the same reason that enriching German corporations who sold hypothermia treatments was totally ethical because they not actually made from the bodies of victims frozen to death at Dachau in developing them. The important thing is to support the economy of the Fatherland in this time of war and economic crisis.

I remember when I was a kid and wondered why patriotic Germans who loved their country didn’t do something as their nation slid into the abyss. 

I wonder how long till Caesar gets some Jolly-American whiner before Congress to demand the Church supply them with free Pepsi?

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