Cardinal Burke Clarifies Things…

Cardinal Burke Clarifies Things… April 19, 2012

for the Doug Kmiecs and similarly deluded Catholics who do not grasp the obvious about the Obama Administration’s enmity toward the Church.

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  • Paul Miller

    Some helpful discussions on this point have been going on at and

    Now off to check out why that nice looking man in the ad became a Mormon.

    • What the h is up with Mormons and their genius PR? Frankly, one can only assume that Mormonism must be false, because any reasonable religion with such a good PR staff would have taken over the world by now.

      • S. Murphy

        But it IS the greatest fan fiction ever written.

  • ds

    So what abt catholic hospitals that already provide coverage?

  • Ted Seeber

    It just occurred to me that my question would be more likely to be answered here:
    This raises a question in my mind- what of the employer who has no choice, such as the man who has his contract with an insurance company unilaterally modified behind his back? Is it possible to materially cooperate in a sin without formally cooperating in a sin?

    • Not a moral theologian, but I should think that anyone who provides even secondary furtherance to an abortion is skating on thin moral ice.

    • S. Murphy

      Being suckered isn’t a sin. Knowing this could happen, I guess, carries the obligation of reading the fine print when the ‘new terms and conditions’ or whatever arrives in the mail.
      At what level of governmental subsidizig of abortion would we be obligated to stop paying taxes? Given that we don’t let pacifists conscientiously object, ad they see war the same way? If my city or county provides abortions in a county or municipal hospital, do I decline to pay local taxes, but offer a proportional donation to the local police, sheriff, and fire department?

  • Mark R

    I wish the cardinal hadn’t phrased the Catholic groundswell agains the Obama admin. policies as “support for the bishops”. It is about religious rights and conscience. It is not about the bishops.

  • Mary P.

    I am not a moral theologian but I have some common sense. I provide my employees with health insurance that covers contraception, as is required by state law for employer policies. Without this coverage these folks and their families would likely be uninsured because of pure existing conditions or because of the unaffordability of individual policies. We don’t provide the coverage with the intent, hope or desire that these folks use it for contraception purchases. I am not formally cooperating with evil any more than I would be if these employees use their paychecks to go to the drugstore to buy birth control. Some of these folks would be dead if they weren’t insured, I am sure of that.