More Catholic Prolife Triumphs from the Trump Administration

More Catholic Prolife Triumphs from the Trump Administration April 26, 2017

So far, what the Trump Administration has yielded is a SCOTUS judge who declares–exactly like Hillary Clinton–that Roe is settled law, that the fetus is not a person entitled to protection by law, and that he would have walked out of the room if asked to say otherwise by Trump (no fear of that ever happening).

One of Gorsuch’s first acts as the shiny new super duper prolife judge who is going to save us all from Roe was to back the killing of the dubiously convicted Ledell Lee. But that’s alright since being “prolife” and killing people in defiance of the Church’s teaching on capital punishment is just peachy with millions of “prolife” Catholics. The important thing was that Arkansas use up that poison as fast as possible. Waste not, want not! If the victim may have been innocent of the crime for which he was killed, he probably did something else to deserve death anyway, so it all evens out. And besides, the glory of it is that Gorsuch made clear that he *respects* settled law and will not legislate from the Bench. He’s not a damn librul!  If a dubiously convicted man has to die for Lex to be Rex, well, we just have to break eggs to make omelets, don’t we?  Settled law was respected!

Which, er, he will totally ignore when he legislates from the Bench and gets rid of Roe and Casey and all the 40 year pile of precedent he totally lied about respecting in his confirmation hearing. Yeah!  That’s it!  That’s the ticket!  Trust us! Aside from Iraq, torture, trusting Trump, believing Maciel, buying Corapi’s fabulisms and condemning his bishop, trusting Euteneuer, trusting ex-Legionary priest and Breitbart con man Thomas Williams, believing for 37 years that the GOP is just about to overturn the abortion regime totally created and expanded by GOP appointees, and leading the charge in attacking Pope Francis, have we conservative Catholic Thought Leaders *ever* been wrong about anything?

Yeah. So about that: Turns out the Trump Administration is upholding the HHS mandate.  Another stab in the back from Trump for Catholics who never tire of trying to kick the football.

The talent for sheer wrongness in the Party of Trump and its Christian supporters is amazing.

Please. Don’t, yet again, tell me about the choice you faced on 11/8/16. The election is over. Hillary lost. Move on. The issue is the choice we face today. You can go on defending this con man every time he stabs you in the back or you can finally choose to live in the present, face the fact you have been conned, fight this guy, and listen, at long last, to the Church and not the Right Wing Noise Machine.

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