John Zmirak accidently explains…

John Zmirak accidently explains… April 26, 2017

why it was obvious that Clinton should have been supported in the last election in order to defeat Trump:

Sometimes a deeply flawed person leading a movement that’s morally mixed is the only hope of stopping something vastly more dangerous and evil. Wait, I take that back. That isn’t true “sometimes.” It’s true almost all the time.

This was precisely why, had I lived in a swing state, I would have felt, not merely free, but morally bound before God Almighty to vote for Clinton in order to stop the visible-from-space more awful Trump, who is living down in every way to my expectation that he would affirm every evil Clinton did and add to that a massive load of evils she does not.  The sole goods he has done his country (with the one exception of getting the woman out of the Egyptian jail, for which I commend him whole-heartedly) have been his failure.  His failure to destroy Obamacare, his inept failures to punish immigrants that died at the hands of the courts, his failure to build his Wall, and his inept failure to start a war with Korea (yet) are the only good things he has done.

His successes–and above all his successes at seducing Christians into being prostitutes to sex predators, mammon, power, and cruelty to the weak, have all hurt the country and the witness of the Church immeasurably and will continue to do so.  And the evidence of that is the spectacle of John Zmirak laboring to seduce the Church into support for a French fascist and anti-semite because her hatred of Muslims and xenophobia are preferable to the witness of Pope Francis and the actual teaching of the Church.  I don’t believe for  a second that Zmirak’s prophecies of Diocletian persecution at the hands of Hillary were going to come true any more than the hysterical bushwah of Dinesh D’Souza came true.  The prophetic track record of the American Right–and especially the American Religious Right–is an epic chronicle of sheer wrongness that leaves you wondering what it takes to get people to stop and say, “How can I still have such swaggering self-assurance when I’ve been so wrong about so much so many time for so long?”

But, just supposing for a moment that she had been elected and unleashed the persecuting furies of Hell on the Church, it is worth noting that Jesus’ commentary on that is the polar opposite of Zmirak’s and the Party of Trump, which counsels we do evil that good may come of it.  What Jesus says is, “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Mt 10:28). A subculture of dissent that is now committed to defending every act of a lying sex predator, cheering for French fascist antisemitic xenophobes, and spitting on the Holy Father is in a lot more trouble than a faithful, persecuted Church.

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