Fr. Angelo Geiger on…

Fr. Angelo Geiger on… April 3, 2012

Summorum Pontificum.

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  • antigon

    …and on…and on…and on…and on…

  • Sal

    First, that Nosferatu pic cracked me up.
    Purely subjective observations: ymmv.
    Been an attendee at the EF on and off for twenty years. Loved it, but occasionally had to take a break from the super-Trads. And b/c, as a singleton, I felt guilty taking up space in the tiny chapel that some family needed.
    I returned when we were allowed to buy our own church and become a parish. The most curious thing I noticed was that the die-hard Traditionalists were gone. I don’t know why- perhaps they saw this as accomodation with the ‘Church of Vat II’, and the overwhelming joy of the community made us a bunch of turn-coats. And some had died- we did wait eighteen years to get a place of our own. But no one has backed me into a corner to complain about how awful everything is since I’ve been back.
    We are happy to be growing, but no one is talking about a top-down overturn of the OF. We’re too busy enjoying being a parish and focused on attraction, rather than coercion.

  • Joannie

    Although I agree with a lot of the political stories on this website I also consider myself a Traditionalist in my approach to the Church practices. While it is true many of these folks seem to have a disdain for the currant Liturgy and Church Leaders. I myself was lured into one of these breakaway groups almost 10 years ago, it was not until a read “More Catholic than the Pope” that I left that Church although I loved their Latin Mass. I believe that according to the Council Fathers there were to be SMALL ORGANIC CHANGES to the Latin Mass NOT A BRAND NEW MASS. That was Pope Paul’s idea in 1967. But I also know that the Pope wants both Masses celebrated for “mutual enrichment” But what is not in dispute the Latin Mass is bringing the renewal of the Church since the Moto Proprio was released. If the Vatican II Documents had been followed to the letter we probably would not be so polarized today although the wording in some documents are themselves unclear and open to misinterpretation, and this is what needs to be done in the upcoming “Year of Faith” not like the way the last one in 1967 and 1967 when things started to go downhill in the Church.

  • kenneth

    Had a bad perfect storm of dyslexia and pre-coffee lag this morning. When I first glanced at that post, I thought it said “Santorum Pontificum”! I thought between the Scientology and that, that Mark was coming off the rails in a serious way or making April Fools a week-long extravaganza!

  • Jayjay

    I always have to smile when I read suggestions that the 1962 Missal could potentially be reformed some day…imagining a really gobsmacked Pope Paul VI going, “um…hello!”