I had a wonderful Easter!

I had a wonderful Easter! April 9, 2012

Best one of my life! I will go into more detail later (particularly some of the fruit of it concerns youse guys, my readers for whom I am deeply grateful). But for now let me just wish you a Happy Easter, cry out “Christ is risen!” and ask for your prayers.

Also, feel free to use the comboxes to tell us about your Easter!

Christ it Risen!

More later when I can come up for air!

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  • I gave up reading blogs for lent, so hello again, Happy Easter! Ours was amazing as it was our first as a family of seven. Our newest sweetheart has Downs syndrome, according to the blood test, but she’s really bad at being Downs. Her heart is great, she nurses beautifully, she’s rolling over too early and really gaining head control. Shell be baptized Saturday after the vigil mass. Jesus, I trust in you, indeed!

    Also, I cleaned my closet, which felt totally appropriate.

    • KML

      Congratulations, Barbara, and God bless you and your family, especially your precious new member!

    • Marie

      Congratulations on your newest little one, Barbara! My 7 month old came with an extra chromosome that we discovered when he was 10 weeks old. If you find the prayer cards of Dr. Lejeune, I would love to know the source. I couldn’t figure out how to comment on your blog.

  • David Graham

    Me too! I traveled from Jacksonville to Tallahassee to see my son welcomed into the Church on Holy Saturday night. He is a student at FSU, and along with about 15 other candidates and a dozen or so cathecumens, they all hooped and hollered as each was baptized and confirmed. This was at St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral. Most kids lose their religion when they go away to college, but these ( and a large group of other Catholic Student Union kids are living their faith). HALLELUJAH !!!!!!

  • Dave Pawlak

    We hosted Easter dinner in our new house. Fourteen adults and two small children reduced a 10-lb. boneless leg of lamb to scraps, and made a valiant effort on the ham as well.

  • leahlibresco

    A friend of mine sings in a local Church choir, so I got to enjoy a very beautiful Triduum

  • S. Murphy

    I was in UAE for Holy Week. Attended Palm Sunday & Triduum at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Fujairah (name of the town and the Emirate). Big parish, mostly Indian, but also Philipino, Sri Lankan & several other backgrounds. UAE hires out its blue collar jobs, and most of the white collar ones that require actual work, per SOP for the Gulf. Mass was in English, although they took advantage of the fact that Friday is a weekend day here to hold Stations of the Cross in 4 other languages as well. Amazing snapshot of a slice of the universal Church.

  • Went to Mass at a church other than ours to see a co-worker of my wife’s sing in the choir. Another co-worker of my wife’s was there alone, so she sat with us.

    Our 19 y/o daughter went to her boyfriend’s grandmother’s (I guess we’re gonna have to get used to that happening more often), so my wife and 15 y/o son and I hung out at our pool at our new house (thanks be to God!), and I made a great supper of rotini and Italian sausages, roasted boneless leg o’ lamb, with baked potatoes (all on the grill, ‘cept the pasta of course), steamed asparagus and salad. We were so full we didn’t even get to the dessert!

    He is risen! Alleluia!!

  • KML

    As a church musician, I sang and sang and sang and sang and sang some more, then came home and fixed dinner, ate and enjoyed it with my family, and then did an enormous face-plant onto my pillow.

  • Mark R

    Lousy Easter Vigil at St. Alphonsus in Ballard.
    Great Tenebrae on Good Friday at Blessed Sacrament in Seattle.

  • I celebrated my first anniversary as a Catholic on Easter Vigil by sponsoring a former juvenile delinquent with whom we have been working for about 8 years as she received the sacraments of confirmation and holy communion. Talk about joy!!!

  • We had a wonderful, prayer-filled Triduum and attended all three liturgies: Holy Thursday (at which only men’s feet got washed, lol), Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. I love these liturgies and look forward to them all year, especially the Easter Vigil. Following a long-established custom at our parish, a number of us gathered at a tavern after the vigil for drinks and food, and to toast or risen Lord.

    Easter Sunday was lovely. The boys got hopped up on Easter candy and I smoked three racks of ribs, which got devoured by us and guests.

  • ds

    Christ, it risen!

  • Noah D

    I had a fantastic, physically exhausting, spiritually refreshing Easter!

    Some random observations:

    St. Alphonsus, Zionsville, Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana. I sing in the choir, so my ‘Alleluia’ muscles are really sore. 🙂

    I came into the Church in 2009, but it feels like longer – and that’s a good thing.

    Tenebrae gets easier, but Good Friday gets…harder. I could barely make my way through ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and ‘Jesus, Remember Me’.

    I was awful at keeping my Lenten vows. Next year, I’ve got to get better.

    Our new associate pastor is wonderfully old school. No face-to-face confession, and he sings as much chant as he can, Latin & English.

    I had not realized until this year that Easter renews me for the year. I was so…asleep, for so long.