Prayers for Chuck Colson

Prayers for Chuck Colson April 4, 2012

He’s had a brain hemorrhage.

Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for him!

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  • If ever there was a man who embodied “I was a prisoner and you visited me” it’s Chuck Colson. St. Luke pray for him!

  • Elaine S.

    I will certainly be praying for him. I have admired him and his Prison Fellowship ministry for many years, and also learned a lot from his books. He has always held the Catholic Church in high esteem, and if remember correctly, his wife is or was Catholic. I would not have been surprised to see him jump the Tiber eventually…

  • Oh my gosh. He’s such a good man. God see him through this ordeal. God’s will be done. May it be merciful.

  • Julie

    I am so sorry to hear about this. I will pray for him. I admire him also.

  • William

    He has given the nurses the “thumbs up”.

    • rakowskidp

      I read about this on Facebook earlier this morning. I’ve corresponded with his daughter Emily (who wrote a beautiful book about the trials and joys of raising a child with autism) a few times, and they’re an amazing family. May Our Lord grant all of them healing and grace.