Reader Tim Shipe writes…

Reader Tim Shipe writes… April 20, 2012

Here is the link to my blog on Catholic Education Vision– I have recently been notified that I will not have a contract to teach at the high school where I am now completing my 8th year- I would ask that if you like what I have to say in this Vision- please spread the word and maybe the Holy Spirit will guide me to a mission better suited to my theology and talents. God Bless.

Check it out.

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  • This is a big part of the reason my kids aren’t in Catholic schools. I *might* be able to *just barely* afford it, particularly if I trust in God to give me the means. But for what? For a bunch of lukewarm teachers who actually may be a larger danger to my children’s faith by the way the masquerade as if they have the truth than the public school teacher who is clearly opposed to the faith? No thank you.

  • Ted Seeber

    My child isn’t in Catholic school because I couldn’t find one that was equipped to deal with his level of disability (he would have been branded a stupid failure in any reasonable Catholic School and kicked out).

    Having said that- he points out the significant difference between a highly motivated literate person and the average cradle catholic. Being both- and having had a secular education that bordered on the theological in a rural grade school due to the demographic make up of the school district at the time (everybody was Catholic, Lutheran, or German Apostolic Christian – and everybody was related to each other. Us Catholics and Lutherans were evil for having TV Sets, that was way too worldly for the GAC)- I think I have a unique perspective to offer.

    I think the author needs to just find the right parish and diocese to teach in, Good Orthodoxy *does* still exist. I recommend however, that he look far outside of the cities, and in towns no larger than 2000 people.

    Something about the lack of subsidiarity that a large city requires, destroys Orthodoxy. I’m not sure what it is. But Orthodoxy is preserved where people are still farmers, and destroyed where people are rich and live in large populated areas.

    You can even see this in the blue and red voting maps that come out every election. Invariably the Democrats do well in the City and the Republicans do well in the Country. Forever amen.