The Invaluable Heather King…

The Invaluable Heather King… April 4, 2012

chronicles a fracas that happened in the punk scene and links to an interesting podcast from a punk rocker and Catholic convert. It accords with my own experience of life in “tolerant” Seattle vs. life in the Catholic Church. The fact is, Catholics are, by and large, incredibly understanding and forgiving of human weakness and failure while people who pride themselves on their enlightenment are often extremely brittle and intolerant of view outside a narrow range of opinion. Result: in Seattle, you have any view you like of Jesus of Nazareth, but one and only one view of gay marriage, smoking, recycling, or the holy martyr Sandra Fluke.

"Thank you for posting this interesting article."

Building Bridges of Trust vs. Winning
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Building Bridges of Trust vs. Winning
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