The Magical Thinking of the New Atheists

The Magical Thinking of the New Atheists April 2, 2012

For apostles of Reason, these guys are sure unreasonable. Another amusing tale of the triumph of Intellect Worship over Intellect Use.

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  • Ted Seeber

    Some good comments there- including, I thing, getting a few atheists to reconsider their approach to the Bible and to history in general.

  • Paladin

    The key is Paul tells the slave to act, not in view of pleasing the master, but with the view of pleasing God. You could say this is an early example of the very Catholic practice of uniting one’s suffering with those of Christ (who became a slave himself). And yes, it’s the transcendental dogma of human equality, either in Christianity or the Enlightenment (which didn’t have quite the staying power of the former), that assures freedom.

  • Kyle

    Looks like The (un)Friendly Atheist picked this story up.

    Is his blog worth reading and commenting on? I’ve just started poking around on Patheos, and I do like Unequally Yoked, Leah is not inflammatory and her commenters seem generally kind, but I’m not getting that vibe from “The Friendly Atheist”‘s blog.

    • Tim

      Never heard of it until now. The comments weren’t very friendly or intellectually stimulating (a lot cliche religion bashing).

      Makes you wonder how cordial fellow bloggers on patheos are supposed to be to one another.

    • Mark Shea

      Yes, the socially unskilled new atheist has trouble grasping concepts like “irony” and “humor”. So when I take a common new atheist charge like “Christians are magical thinkers” and turn it back on atheists, the response is often “But Christians are magical thinkers! Not atheists! He said, ‘Atheists are magical thinkers!’ He doesn’t know Christians are magical thinkers, not atheists!” New atheists find irony a difficult concept.

      • Kyle

        I wish your blog had a like button. It is rather hilarious when they get frustrated at that type of thing.

  • I liked your article, it was very good. Actually, concerning that passage, he was only referring to the “slave” threating it’s master good because that’s what Jesus order to everyone. Also, I didn’t know about the oral tradition of that slave becoming a bishop, I just thought Paul gave him back so that he was released from slavery. It’s also funny how they skip stories like the ethiopian eunuch, or the woman that was the head of a communion.

    • Mark Shea

      There is no story of a woman who was head of a communion. There are, of course, many accounts and records of women who have been–and are–heads of communities. Some of them are saints.