To No One’s Shock…

To No One’s Shock… April 10, 2012

…the Plastic Android in the service of monied interests that the GOP leadership decided we would all nominate, despite our vociferous protests and desperate attempts to find an alternative, is now the de facto nominee as Santorum bows out.

It really does make me wonder in what sense we live in a democracy when we all know ahead of time who the party elite have chosen and are perfectly aware that all attempts to defy that elite will result in defeat.

I had the same sensation in 2000. That sensation only increased when, a few years later, I had a conversation with Dale Ahlquist (who used to be a lobbyist in DC) and he recounted sitting in a bar on K Street shortly after Dole’s defeat and a some GOP mucky muck came in and said, “It’s settled. It’s going to be George W. Bush in 2000”.

Your illusion of actual choices in our political process is strikingly out of sync with how things actually are, I fear.

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