Why are we still…

Why are we still… April 2, 2012

in Afghanistan? We should not shed one more precious drop of our kids’ blood in that absurd exercise in futility.

Support the troops. Let them come home and be with their families and not be stuck in multiple tours of duty so our Ruling Class can attempt experiments in imperial nation-building. The Great Society never worked at home. What on earth makes our Ruling Classes believe it will work abroad in the barren civilizational soil of the graveyard of Empires?

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  • Alfredo Escalona

    I remember reading somewhere in Kipling, at the end of the tale, a young Brit soldier comes across a grave where the epitaph on the stone read:
    “Here lies another fool who tried to hustle the East.”

  • Rock

    What’s your position on the draft? Shouldn’t a Catholic want a draft so that the state/ruling class has to internalize the human toll of war? Seems that a “volunteer army” or, worse, mercenaries encourages a very un-Catholic valuation of human life; an almost euthanasia like valuation.

    • kenneth

      I don’t know about the Catholic position on this, or even if there is one, but a draft certainly would put a serious kink in the imperial nature of our ruling classes and would push us back in the direction of a republic. The greater pubic would have an interest in our nation’s decisions about war once again. That is precisely why they got rid of the draft.

      • Ted Seeber

        One *very interesting* result of the draft- every chaplain in WWII that won a medal of valor, was a Catholic Priest. The majority of chaplains in all American wars that have won the medal of valor, have been Catholic Priests.

        Partially because they’re willing to rush out onto the battlefield to perform the sacrament of extreme unction; but also simply because they understand the meaning of the word DUTY.

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    I am all for it just as long as avoid a repeat of what happened when we leaved Vietnam. Because we abandoned Vietnam and Southeast Asia Vietnam went Communist and Khmer Rouge took power. That is why we need a base or 2 there to keep an eye on things.

    • Dan C

      We lost in Vietnam-we lost the population and would have lost any ongoing war. We are losing the population in Afghanistan. The rulers do not want us. The people we are fighting do not want us. We have little or no respect for the leaders, the men of the country, and the institution.

    • Ghosty

      There is such a thing as fighting a losing battle; “victory” isn’t always an option. The best thing is to avoid entering losing conflicts in the first place, something that should have been considered with Afghanistan and Iraq.

      If Afghanistan had been limited to going after Al Qaeda it wouldn’t have been a losing proposition. The moment it became an ongoing war against the people of Afghanistan in the guise of the Taliban (which wasn’t even a party to 9-11, but merely happened to be standing between us and Al Qaeda) it became a loss. You can’t convert a people through war.

      Peace and God bless!

  • goethean

    Foreign policy is designed by defense contractors with a profit margin in mind. Rebuilding the US doesn’t pay nearly as well.

    • Martial Artist

      Not to mention that the military is, to a very great degree NOT trained and equipped for what is being referred to as “nation building.” The purpose of the military is the defense of the nation, including, as General Patton was quoted as saying “making the other poor s– o- a b—- die for his country.” The whole enterprise is doomed to failure in a way very much analogous to the means of evangelism proposed by the radical islamists, which amounts to presenting the choice to “convert or choose between enslavement (dhimmitude) or death (likely by decapitation).” How many souls would we win for Christ if we evangelized non-Christians using that sort of strategy?

      Pax et bonum,
      Keith Töpfer

  • The Deuce

    It’s crazy to think that we’re going to successfully teach the principles of democratic government and rule of law to people who have never had them when we’ve lost them ourselves.

  • John C

    Interesting comments on the draft. If the government did institute the draft again, wouldn’t it be automatically unconstitutional, unless they drafted 18 year old women as well as men? Equal protection, discrimination on the basis of sex?

    • S. Murphy

      Most of the feminist activists who want women grunts also want women to be drafted if men are.

    • Martial Artist

      I believe that you are likely correct, or that such a case would quickly be asserted.

      Pax et bonum,
      Keith Töpfer, LCDR, USN [ret]

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)