Creation is Amazing

Creation is Amazing May 1, 2012

Gotta love them Ted Ed videos:

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  • And according to your average “Bright” or “New Atheist,” all that mind-blowing complexity and simplicity happened completely at random with absolutely no intelligence or conscious mind behind it. Certainly nothing like a God. Yeah. Right.

    • Ted Seeber

      Actually, that’s not the amazing thing I find about the Atheist- it is their faith that science will *continue* to happen in a random universe with absolutely no intelligence, conscious mind, or laws behind it.

    • Linebyline

      I don’t think this is a helpful way to look at it. This comment reminds me of those that atheists often post in discussions about science, saying that all theists are morons and spewing smart-aleck remarks about talking snakes, but contributing nothing to the discussion of (you know) science. I don’t appreciate that kind of behavior any more when it happens on my side of the fence.

      • Nick R

        I agree, turning opponents arguments into strawmen, and regurgitating only the most extreme and uneducated positions is unproductive behavior from both sides of the fence.

  • I remember when a low-flying plane spotted a group of trees in the form of a swastika ( Of course everyone knew that some group had planted the trees… which was the case… And the trees were cut down. I remember thinking, “How come no atheist environmentalist came to the rescue of the trees, claiming that the pattern had developed by CHANCE?” Even an atheist would have to acknowledge some intelligence behind the pattern. Yet the design of trees themselves (which is far more complex than any swastika)? Or the human body? Or any complex organism? No intelligence required.

  • Nick R

    I love TED videos. Thanks for posting, will be sharing this with my 6th graders today.